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75+ St Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

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Looking for a simple and fun way to celebrate the luckiest day of the year ? Here is a great list of St Patrick’s Day crafts for kids.

From colorful rainbows and silly leprechauns to beautiful shamrocks, you’ll sure find something to love and create.  

St Patrick's Day crafts for kids: shamrock, clover, rainbow and leprechaun craft ideas. Create with paper plates, paper rolls, handprints, tissue paper and more. #stpatricksday #nontoygifts #rainbowcraft #leprechaun

I remember the first time I celebrated St Patrick’s Day. Back then I had no family and no kids. I was living in Brussels and my friend and I went out to a pub. We dressed up in green, listened to Irish music, watched Irish dances and drank beer.

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St Patrick’s Day with kids is different. Though we still dress up in green and listen to Irish traditional music, the going out part has been replaced by crafting.  There are so many beautiful crafts to go along with this holiday.

St Patrick’s Day crafts for kids

75+ St-Patricks Day crafts for kids

For more ideas, check out our entire collection of St Patrick’s Day crafts. We add new crafts every year.

St Patrick’s Day crafts for kids: rainbow crafts

Handprint rainbow butterfly – Upcycle a paper tube into a beautiful butterfly with rainbow wings

Rainbow collar – This could be a first sewing project for your kids

Painted stone rainbow craft for kids. Celebrate spring with a fun and easy craft for toddlers and older kids. | at Non-Toy Gifts

Painted stone rainbow – If your kid likes to collect rocks, this is such a fun and easy project for them

Rainbow wind sock from plastic milk jug  – This is a make and play craft for kids

Paper plate rainbow craft for kids

Paper plate rainbow  – Those clouds are adorable and are included in the free template

Paper plate rainbow with clouds –  Use cotton balls or white pom poms for the clouds

I am lucky headband – Kids get a chance to color the headband and write three reasons they are lucky

Watermelon rind rainbow print – A fun project before the watermelon rinds get tossed in the organics bin

Paper plate rainbow garden – Use flower and butterfly stickers to make this beautiful garden craft

Pom pom rainbow collage – The different size pom poms make this rainbow look amazing

Cereal rainbow craft – Sometime it’s good to play with your food

Tissue paper rainbow shamrock – You can use the shamrock as a sun catcher

Rainbow suncatcher  – Make this suncatcher whenever you need some color in your day, not only for St Patrick’s Day

Tissue paper rainbow suncatcher – A simple rainbow for toddlers and preschoolers

Paper plate rainbow  – Great project for fine motor skills

Pasta rainbow mobile – What other type of pasta would you use?

Celery stamping rainbow fish craft – Painting with different veggies can be so fun!

St Patrick's Day paper plate wreath craft for kids

Paper plate St Patrick’s Day wreath – Paint a paper plate into the rainbow colors and turn it into a St Patrick wreath

Paper plate loom rainbow yarn art  – Turn this yarn art into a necklace

Rainbow bead bracelets – You can’t have too many bracelets!

Rainbow shaving cream marbled art – Have your kids ever tried using shaving cream for their crafts?

3D over the rainbow – I like the 3D effect of this rainbow

Threading a rainbow on pipe cleaners  – A great project for preschoolers

Weaving rainbow fish craft – An eye hand coordination project for little kids

Paper plate rainbow craft – Another rainbow that uses buttons

Rainbow Peg People – Matching rainbow and people color can be a fun game for little ones

Painting rainbows with Q-tips – Try painting with a Q-tip bundle, too

Rainbow cardboard tube craft – What a nice way to upcycle the towel paper tubes!

St Patrick’s Day crafts for kids: leprechaun crafts

Shape leprechaun craft

Shape leprechaun – Kids can review their shapes while creating this leprechaun craft

Paper plate St Patrick leprechaun craft for kids

Paper plate leprechaun beard  – Threading and cutting yarn are great fine motor skill activities for kids

Paper leprechaun craft for kids

Paper leprechaun  – A leprechaun craft made only with paper

Paper roll leprechaun craft

Paper roll leprechaun – Kids love handprint crafts

Clay pot leprechaun hat. St Patrick's Day craft for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids. | at Non-Toy Gifts

Clay pot leprechaun hat – You can replace the clay pot with a paper cup

Paper plate and handprint leprechaun mask – Masks are so much fun!

King of the leprechauns – I love everything about this leprechaun king: the crown, the beard, the smile…

Leprechaun paper bag puppet – A fun project for the classroom

Popsicle stick leprechaun magnet – Use it as a fridge decoration for St Patrick’s Day

Leprechaun with a yarn beard – How cute is the beard!

Leprechaun envelope puppet – Tearing paper into small pieces is a great activity for preschoolers

Paper leprechaun craft – The paper strip beard looks fantastic

Leprechaun with a fork print beard – Have you ever tried fork painting? Kids love it

Puffy paint leprechaun craft  – Include puffy paint with your crafts and kids will ask for more

Leprechaun binoculars – Paper rolls can be easily turned into binoculars

Paper roll leprechaun hat – A super easy paper roll craft for St Patrick

Leprechaun peg people – Incorporate these leprechaun peg people into a St Patrick’s Day play pretend

Paper leprechaun beard – If you host a St Patrick’s Day party make sure to make a beard like this

Leprechaun hat from aluminum foil tart pan – If you don’t have a foil tart pan at hand, you can replace it with a paper bowl

Winking paper plate leprechaun – What a fun way to make the beard

Leprechaun stick puppet  – A simple puppet to play with

Leprechaun mini top hat – Make  and wear it

Leprechaun hat popsicle stick puzzle – It only takes a few minutes to make this puzzle for your kids

Leprechaun footprint – I make these footprints every St Patrick’s Day after the leprechaun visits, and my kids don’t get tired of seeing them

Leprechaun with kid’s face – Personalize the leprechaun craft with your kid’s face

Craft stick leprechaun hat – Another way to use craft sticks for a St Patrick craft

St Patrick’s Day crafts for kids: shamrock crafts

Paper plate unicorn craft

Paper plate shamrock unicorn – Kids who are into unicorns will love this St Patrick version

Shamrock craft for kids

Monoprint four leaf clover – Monoprinting is a fun technique to use

Shamrock pal finger puppet – A simple finger puppet to play with

Shamrock sun catcher – Use painted rice and a paper plate for this craft

Stained glass clover craft – What a fun window decoration!

Shamrock man – Decorate the classroom with several shamrock men

Coffee filter shamrock – Got a coffee filter? Then you can easily make a cool shamrock

Handprint clover art – Handprint crafts are so much fun!

Shamrock people – Make sure to use the free printable

Marshmallow shamrock stamping – Use marshmallow for stamping shamrocks

Plastic water bottle clover cards  – Even plastic bottles can be used to make shamrocks! 

Paper plate shamrock hat – These hats are so easy to make!

Eraser-stamped St Patrick’s Day t-shirt – Too easy not to make!

Shamrock leprechaun craft – Make a leprechaun from a shamrock

Shamrock mason jars – These jars are great to decorate with

Shamrock potato stamping  -You can make cute little cards with these stamps

Shamrock suncatcher – Combine shamrocks and rainbow to make a colorful suncatcher

Paper roll shamrock men – What a darling craft for preschoolers

Watercolor clover cards – These cards are so adorable

Clover lacing card – Great for working on the fine motor skills

Shamrock wand – A magical wand for a magical day

Shamrock pepper print – Bell pepper is yet another veggie you can use to make shamrocks

Beaded shamrocks – A perfect little shamrock

Crepe paper shamrock – A more time consuming craft but so worth it

Pencil-stamped shamrock card – A simple shamrock craft for toddlers and preschoolers

Painted sham-rocks – Use three different green hues

Clover suncatcher – What else would you use to make this clover suncatcher?

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Thank you so much for including our Rainbow Yarn art! This is such an amazing collection of ideas!

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