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Bakken Museum: an interesting place to visit in Minneapolis – blog guest review

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One of our goals, here at Non-Toy Gifts, is to connect Minnesotan parents in sharing their experiences about local places they visit with their kids: what they loved best, if they’d go back, etc. Tiffany was sweet to answer our invitation and tell us about her visit at one of the many local museums: Bakken Museum.

Bakken Museum 1

Hi!My name is Tiffany Miller, and I blog over at Tiffany Layne Fashion. My blog typically consists of cooking (I love to share recipes), sewing (my latest projects and what’s in my Etsy shop), and great books (I post the 5 books on my must-read list each month).I also sprinkle in plenty of family stuff, oh, and we homeschool. I married my high school sweetheart and together we’re raising our 3 kids ages 13, 12, and 10 (2 girls and a boy).

Bakken Museum 2

We love to check out different places around the city.Last year we visited the Bakken Museum in Minneapolis with a group of friends.This museum is in a beautiful historic home, and they offer a super fun way to discover and learn more about the world of science.You’ll learn about Ben Franklin, Frankenstein, electricity, magnetism and more!A favorite room among our crowd was definitely Frankenstein’s Laboratory.It’s a scream…literally.There are lots of hands on exhibits throughout the museum.We visited in September, so walking their outdoor gardens was an enjoyable option.The museum is located right on Lake Calhoun, so be sure to allow time to enjoy the lake area for year round fun and beautiful views of the city across the lake!Of course, in September, we were able to picnic.

Bakken Museum 3

The museum is easy to find and they offer free parking. The museum rates are between $0-$7 per person.Plus they offer Free Second Saturday’s from 11-4pm.Check out their website for more information including:hours, prices, location, and exhibits.

Bakken Museum 4

Consider visiting the Bakken Museum over the holidays (or anytime!).

I love to use the Moon Handbook Minneapolis St. Paul by Tricia Cornell for great information on what to do while you are in the area of the Bakken (or any other area in the Twin Cities).They always list lots of fun shops and restaurants to enjoy nearby.

Thank you, Non Toy Gifts, for inviting me to guest post on your blog!

Happy Holiday’s!!!
XOXO Tiffany

“I felt like the kid at the party who whacks open the piñata. Victorious and with treasure raining down on me.”Love Walked In by Marisa de los Santos.

Sharing is caring!