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Easy Christmas Crafts For Kids

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Christmas crafting is a nice way to spend a chilly day indoors. These easy Christmas crafts for kids will keep not only your little ones entertained but they can be used as holiday family activities. 

Easy Christmas crafts for preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids

This is a collection of all the Christmas crafts we have created throughout the years. Want to create a handmade card for grandparents or a teacher? From a handprint Grinch card to an easy reindeer card preschoolers can make, we’ve got you covered. Need a nice ornament idea? Grab some LEGO or pinecones and let’s get creative!

Making any of these Christmas crafts together with your kids, will create beautiful holiday memories for your family. Memories that will stay with your kids forever.

Easy Christmas crafts for kids

Christmas Crafts for Kids

I have split the crafts into categories to make it easier for you to find your favorites.

Grinch Crafts 

paper Grinch craft

Grinch is a favorite Christmas character in my family and I made this paper Grinch craft with my boys when we first watched the movie together. Here are more craft ideas inspired by the green furry monster and his big heart:

Santa Crafts

Paper Santa craft for kids

This is our first Santa craft and still a favorite. Since then we have created more:

Reindeer Crafts

Easy reindeer craft for kids

Santa couldn’t do his job of delivering presents without his reindeer. These two reindeer stole our heart with their big red noses and charming smiles.

Christmas Tree Crafts

Paper strip Christmas tree craft for kids

These paper plate Christmas trees not only look amazing but they will also help kids practice their fine motor skills.

Elf Crafts

Paper elf craft for kids

Aren’t these elves simply adorable?

Gnome Crafts

We have started our collection of gnomes with this cute paper plate gnome craft.

Christmas Around the World Crafts

We started our Christmas around the world series with a beautiful paper poinsettia craft.

Snowman Crafts

Easy 3D snowman craft

If you can’t go outside to build a snowman, because it’s either too cold you there is no snow where you live, we can still make a snowman inside – a snowman craft that is.

Check out the rest of our collection:

Religious Christmas Crafts

More Christmas Crafts for Kids

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