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Nativity Advent Calendar

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This Nativity Advent Calendar serves as a fun and interactive way to teach kids about the birth of Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas. It builds anticipation and excitement as kids cover each number with a pom pom.

Nativity advent calendar for kids to use this Christmas and celebrate the birth of Jesus

What a fun way to count down to Christmas with this easy Nativity Advent Calendar printable.

The calendar consists of a star featuring baby Jesus in the manger in the middle and surrounded by 24 numbered circles. As the days pass, kids will cover each number with  a pom pom.

Nativity advent calendar for kids - with baby Jesus craft printable template

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This interactive experience not only brings a sense of excitement and wonder to children but also serves as a valuable educational tool. It helps kids learn about the biblical story of Jesus ‘s birth, the characters involved, and the significance of the nativity in the Christian faith.

Additionally, the nativity advent calendar encourages creativity and imagination. Children can color the black and white template, add glitter or even some stickers. This allows them to take ownership of the calendar and make it truly unique.

Parents and educators can also use the nativity advent calendar as a starting point for discussions and activities. Each day, after kids cover the number with a pom pom or color it, adults can engage children in conversations about the meaning of Christmas, the importance of kindness and love, and the values associated with the nativity story.

This paper nativity advent calendar is a delightful way to engage children in the Christmas season, while teaching them about the story of Jesus ‘s birth and fostering their creativity and imagination.

Nativity Advent Calendar

Nativity advent calendar featuring a star and baby Jesus in manger

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Step by step instructions

cut out the Christmas star

Print the nativity advent calendar on white cardstock paper.

Use the colored calendar or color the black and white template.

Christmas star

Cut out the star.

make a hole

Use a hole punch to make a hole at the top of the star, where marked.

use a ribbon

Add a ribbon to the top for hanging the advent calendar.

Have kids add one white pom pom on each number to count down the days to Christmas.

Use double sided tape to tape the pom poms onto the calendar.

As an alternative kids can also color each number. (when using the black and white template)

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