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Grinch Crafts for Kids

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Grinch Crafting

You can’t celebrate Christmas with kids and not include Dr. Seuss’s ‘The Grinch’. I put together a list of 20 Grinch crafts for kids that will certainly bring a smile on your little one’s face.

Pair them with the “How the Grinch stole Christmas” book or movie. I am taking our family to see the show at the Children’s Theater this year.

Kids are naturally drawn to the mischievous yet endearing Grinch, a character whose transformation embodies the spirit of Christmas. Crafting Grinch-themed projects allows for an imaginative exploration of this classic holiday tale.

20 Grinch crafts for kids to make this Christmas

Key Takeaways:

Engaging Imaginations: Grinch crafts invite children into Dr. Seuss’s enchanting world, making the holiday season more joyful and imaginative.
Character Appeal: The Grinch’s unique charm spurs creativity, allowing kids to explore a classic Christmas story hands-on.
Creative Learning: Combining fun with education, these crafts emphasize key values like kindness, all while enhancing fine motor skills and artistic expression.

20 Grinch crafts for kids to make in the classroom

More Christmas Crafts for Kids

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Learning with the Grinch

Grinch crafts for kids not only capture the festive spirit but also serve as a valuable educational tool. Engaging in these activities enhances kids’ motor skills through cutting, gluing, and assembling various materials. They learn to follow step-by-step instructions, boosting their ability to concentrate and complete tasks.

Expressing creativity is a core benefit of these crafts, allowing children to experiment with colors, textures, and design, making each Grinch masterpiece uniquely their own. Through these projects, kids can unleash their imaginative potential in a structured yet entertaining way.

Incorporating lessons on kindness and community from the Grinch story into craft offers a powerful teaching moment. Parents and educators can use these opportunities to discuss the story’s moral aspects, reinforcing positive social values while kids create and have fun.

20 Grinch Crafts for Kids

paper Grinch craft

Paper Grinch craft with template

This is a simple paper Grinch craft perfect for a range of ages from preschool to older elementary students. This craft includes a user-friendly template for effortless creation.

Imagine a classroom transformed into a festive Grinchmas gallery. Crafting this paper Grinch not only brings out the holiday cheer but also doubles as an adorable Christmas bulletin board decoration.

Grinch craft

Handprint Grinch card

Gather your little ones for a crafting adventure with this easy Grinch handprint card.

Display these hand-crafted gems around your house or send them out as heartfelt holiday greetings to family and friends.

paper plate Grinch heart craft

Paper plate Grinch’s heart craft

Transform a paper plate into a charming Grinch’s heart with this creative twist on DIY Christmas crafts. Children get to weave yarn through holes, curating both a lively decoration and an effective exercise to boost fine motor abilities and hand-eye coordination.

Perfect for little ones embarking on their first sewing adventure, this project combines holiday fun with skill-building in a seamless Grinchmas activity.

wooden heart Grinch ornament

Wooden heart Grinch ornament

Embrace the festive spirit by crafting your own wooden heart Grinch ornament.

Start by painting a wooden heart a vibrant green, capturing the iconic hue of the beloved Grinch. Add a miniature Santa hat to the side and heart gem in the middle.

holiday clothespin

Clothespin Grinch craft

Transform a plain clothespin into a whimsical Grinch keepsake.

You’ll need a clothespin and a wooden heart, painted green to capture the Grinch’s iconic color.

Attach the Grinch-themed clothespins on your holiday card display for a charming touch of Whoville. These clever clips add a festive flair to your family’s Christmas card collection.

Grinch paper hat

Grinch headband craft

Celebrate the holidays with your little ones by crafting a charming Grinch headband.

Gather simple materials like construction paper, scissors, and glue to create this adorable accessory.

With a few simple steps to follow, transform paper into the iconic Grinch’s mischievous face, perfect for Grinchmas celebrations or acting out favorite scenes from Dr. Seuss’s beloved story.

Clear ornament idea for kids

Grinch ornament

You’ll need a clear ornament and an assortment of green pom poms to make this charming Grinch ornament. Finalize with a red heart, lovingly painted on its surface.

pipe cleaner ornament

Pipe cleaner Grinch Christmas tree ornament

Grab a bundle of pipe cleaners in varying shades of green for a fun Grinch ornament. Twist and bend these fuzzy sticks to shape your very own Grinch-inspired Christmas tree ornament.

Kids will love combining the different hues to create a whimsical decoration that captures the Grinch’s unique charm.

paper roll Grinch craft

Paper roll Grinch craft

Transform an ordinary paper roll into a charming Grinch figure to brighten up your holiday decor.

Start by painting the roll in a festive green shade; allow it to dry completely. Once dry, add details like the Grinch’s mischievous eyes, a crafty smirk, and his iconic Santa outfit using felt and white pom poms.

This simple activity not only fosters creativity but also promotes the eco-friendly practice of recycling.

holiday bath bombs for kids to make

Grinch bath bombs

Kids will mix simple ingredients, adding a pinch of holiday colors, and watch their creations fizzle in water. It’s not just about fun; it’s a thoughtful gesture that brings the Grinch’s heartwarming spirit to bathtime!

wooden slice Grinch craft for kids

Grinch wooden slice craft

You’ll need a smooth wooden slice, acrylic paints, and a bit of artistic flair to bring the beloved character to life.

This delightful activity is perfect for developing fine motor skills and can serve as a whimsical addition to your holiday decor.

Christmas slime for kids

Grinch slime for kids

If your kids are into slime, make sure to follow the simple recipe to make this fun Grinch smile.

Grinch bracelet craft for kids

Grinch bracelet

With some simple supplies like green beads, elastic thread, and charms representing the heart of the Grinch, this project promises fun and a lovely accessory for the season.

This stackable bracelet not only acts as a charming wrist decoration but also serves as a creative outlet for children to develop their fine motor skills and design sensibilities.

Grinch card

Grinch card

Simply use the provided template to create this adorable Grinch card and, personalize it with your little one’s face for a memorable keepsake.

popsicle stick Christmas craft for kids

Popsicle stick Grinch craft

Gather a bundle of popsicle sticks and invite the kids to create their own miniature Grinch replicas.

Have them paint the sticks green and red, and add the details using the free template.

handprint Grinch card

Handprint Grinch card

Gather your little ones for a crafting adventure with the mischievous Grinch as your guide. You’ll start with a smudge of green paint and a tiny hand to create a unique handprint Grinch card.

Grinch gnome ornament

Grinch gnome ornament

Merge the magic of Christmas gnomes, beloved for their charm during festive times, with the mischievous Grinch. Gather some felt, and green yarn to create a unique ornament that captures the essence of Grinchmas.

heart Christmas ornament for kids to make

Grinch heart ornament

This Grinch heart ornament is perfect for discussing concepts of color and dimension.

handprint salt dough ornament

Handprint Grinch ornament

Create a beautiful handprint Grinch ornament using your favorite salt dough recipe, and cherish it for seasons to come.

paper plate Grinch craft

Paper plate Grinch craft

Transform a plain paper plate into a charming Grinch craft that will brighten up your home. 

This activity is not just an engaging way for kids to celebrate the festive season, but it also nurtures their artistic skills. With just a few craft supplies, children can create something truly special and add a touch of Grinchmas magic to any room.

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