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Clothespin Grinch Craft

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I don’t think we have tried clothespin crafts before but with Christmas just around the corner and because the Grinch is one of our favorite characters, we made a clothespin Grinch craft. It’s such an easy craft idea, if you have the right craft supplies.

Clothespin Grinch craft for preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids.

Watching the Grinch movie has become a Christmas family tradition for us. The first time we watched it, we also created our first Grinch craft. Since then, we have added more Grinch crafts to our Christmas collection.

You can use the Grinch clothespins to display your kids’ Christmas art and craft projects

Kids artwork display made easy with these easy DIY Grinch clothespins. Christmas art display.

or the Christmas cards. If you’re into DIY Christmas card displays, these clothespins would add a cute and original touch to it.

Use these Grinch clothespins for your Christmas card display.

I’m that person who holds on to the Christmas cards and has a hard time throwing them away once the holiday season is over. I like to look at the cards from previous years and see how much our friends and neighbors’ kids have grown.

Display your kids artwork with these easy DIY Grinch clothespins. Simple Grinch craft

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Our Grinch clothespin craft needs only three craft supplies: clothespins, wooden hearts and small Santa hats.

I got the Santa hats without any craft idea in mind but they looked so cute in their miniature size that I had to have them. They are perfect for clothespin crafts. You can also use them for a clothespin Santa or an elf.

The wooden hearts had Valentine’s Day written all over them and being the planner that I am, I got a bag right before Thanksgiving. I didn’t even thought then of using them for Christmas crafts. (Come back later for a heart Christmas tree ornament). The bag comes with 50 hearts so I still have plenty of them left for Valentines.

They are the right size to be combined with clothespins. Besides they are easy to paint. One layer of red paint was just enough.

Clothespin Grinch craft

Clothespin Grinch craft for preschoolers to make this Christmas


How to make a Grinch clothespin craft

mini wooden heart, Santa hat and clothespin

Start by painting the wooden clothespin green and the wooden mini heart red.

Once the paint has dried completely, you can slide the mini Santa hat on top of the clothespin and glue it in place.

Also glue the red heart in the middle of the clothespin.

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