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Shape Reindeer Craft

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This shape reindeer craft is perfect for kids to review shapes during the holiday season. The reindeer template comes with 10 different shapes for the reindeer’s head, 8 shapes for the reindeer’s nose and 2 different eye shapes. A fun mix and match math craft idea.

Shape reindeer craft

While this makes a great end of the year craft for preschoolers, kindergartners and first graders to make in the classroom, it will also be fun to try at home, if you’re homeschooling or not.

Shape reindeer craft for kids

We have created a few shape crafts over the years: from the shape Santa to the polar bear shapes. What makes this reindeer shape craft stand out from our shape collection is the cards we added, making the craft a math as well as literacy craft.

Kids will have to either use these cards to read and follow directions or to trace or write down the name of the shapes they used.

Of course, you can skip using the cards and just let the kids mix and match the shapes and come up with their own reindeer versions.

Reindeer shape craft for kids

Here are all the shapes included in the template:

  • Head: circle, oval, square,rectangle,triangle,hexagon,rhombus,heart,pentagon,trapezoid
  • Nose:circle, square, hexagon, rectangle, oval, pentagon, heart, rhombus
  • Eyes: circle, oval
reindeer template
reindeer template for nose, eyes and antlers

Shape reindeer craft

Shape reindeer craft - 4 ways

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How to make a reindeer shape craft

Print the reindeer template on corresponding colored paper and the writing cards (if you plan on using them) on white paper.

There are four ways for your to use this craft:

  • Kids can mix and match shapes and create their own reindeer. No cards needed.
  • Kids can create their own reindeer and write down on the blank word cards what shapes they used.
  • Print out the tracing cards, let kids look for those shapes to form the reindeer and trace the names of the shapes.
  • Print out the shape cards, let kids look for those shapes to form the reindeer.

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