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9 Nativity Crafts for Kids

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Easy Nativity Crafting

These nativity crafts for kids offer a unique blend of educational enrichment and spiritual growth for little ones.

As they color, cut, and piece together these easy bible story projects, kids embark on a hands-on exploration of the true meaning of Christmas, crafting a deeper understanding of Jesus’s birth.

Any of these easy nativity crafts for kids will help them retell the story of how baby Jesus was born in their own words, thus reinforcing their learning and faith.

Each of these nine nativity crafts for kids comes with a simple printable template.

Save with Bundles

While you can handpick only a few of the craft templates featured in this list, you will save when getting the whole bundle of nine nativity crafts for kids.

9 Nativity crafts for kids to make for Christmas Sunday school

Easy to follow, the templates ensure that the focus remains on the joy of crafting and storytelling, rather than the complexity of the task.

The paper nativity crafts for kids have been created to accommodate even the youngest of artists, ensuring everyone can partake in this cherished holiday tradition. They make great nativity preschool crafts and coloring activities.

Key Takeaways:

Foster Learning: Nativity crafts serve as a creative way for children to learn about Christmas’s true meaning.
Educational Value: The crafts encourage kids to absorb and express the nativity story, enhancing both their spiritual and educational development.
Accessibility: The simple nativity templates facilitate a stress-free crafting experience, making these activities inclusive for kids of all skill levels.

Nativity Crafts for Christmas Sunday School

Crafting during Sunday school offers a unique opportunity for kids to immerse themselves in the story of Jesus’s birth.

By engaging with nativity crafts, little ones piece together the pivotal scenes, which helps root the narrative in their minds.

Once children create their nativity scenes, they become eager storytellers.

They carry home these crafted treasures and joyfully share the Christmas story with their families.

This not only reinforces their understanding but also allows them to express the wonder of the nativity in words that resonate with their young hearts.

9 Nativity crafts for kids with easy printable templates

Nativity Crafts at Home

Invite the joy of the season into your home with these nativity crafts that are guaranteed to become cherished keepsakes.

Display your completed projects on mantels, windowsills, or as part of a centerpiece to add a personal touch to your holiday decor.

By making these crafts year after year, you create a warm tradition that celebrates the nativity story and brings your loved ones together in a creative way.

Nativity Crafts for Kids

Nativity story spinner craft for kids

Nativity story spinner craft

This easy-to-make craft includes five scenes that will allow children to visualize the Nativity sequence. As they color each scene, you can guide them through the story of Jesus’s birth.

The hands-on activity encourages creativity while also offering a tactile learning experience. Giving your child the opportunity to control the spinner prompts them to remember each part of the Nativity.

This nativity wheel is a simple craft, making it an ideal coloring activity for a range of ages.

Nativity story wreath craft

Nativity wreath

Gather your crayons, scissors, and glue for a beautiful nativity wreath.

This easy, Christ-centered craft invites preschoolers and older children alike to add a personal touch to their festive decorations.

Simply color the template, cut out the two pieces, and glue them together to celebrate the season and craft a cherished keepsake for your home.

Nativity coloring headband for kids

Nativity Headband

Imagine your little ones parading around the house, with their own hand-colored nativity headbands. Craft time becomes a walk through the Christmas story, as they color a scene featuring baby Jesus, with Mary and Joseph close by.

Jesus is born agamograph- coloring activity for kids

Jesus Is Born Agamograph

Embrace Christmas crafts with the Nativity agamograph, designed to spark creativity and learning.

This engaging art project allows children to color two distinct images on a single template. Excitement builds as they playfully switch between scenes with a flick of the wrist.

One side showcases the words “Jesus Is Born” in bold letters, while the reverse illustrates the serene image of baby Jesus cradled in a manger.

It’s an inventive way to connect kids with the story of Christmas and the warmth of the holiday spirit.

Nativity scene paper diorama craft for kids

Nativity Diorama

Encourage your kids to bring the nativity story to life with this hands-on diorama craft.

Just grab our simple template and let them unleash their creativity with any of the three scenes: Mary, Joseph and the stable’s animals gathered around baby Jesus; the three wise men and a shepherd with his sheep.

Once colored, pieces are glued together to form a delightful three-dimensional nativity display.

Nativity story paper hat for kids

Nativity Story Headband

The Nativity story headband is a festive craft designed to bring the story of Christmas to life in a personal and engaging way.

Crafting this paper hat offers a dual learning opportunity. Not only do children get to exercise their creativity by coloring the scenes, but they also gain a deeper understanding of the bible story as they assemble their masterpiece.

With two available template options, this activity caters to various skill levels.

Preschoolers might prefer to color the five scenes directly onto the headband. Older children may choose to color the scenes before carefully gluing them onto the headband sequentially.

Nativity scene rocking paper craft for kids

Nativity Scene Rocking Craft

This interactive project not only sparks creativity but also serves as a vivid storytelling aid.

Your kids can apply their artistic flair to the scene depicting baby Jesus in the manger, surrounded by Mary and Joseph.

Flip the craft over to discover another engaging element where children can express themselves by coloring the words, “Joy to the world.”

Nativity advent calendar

Nativity Advent Calendar

Spark joy in the days leading up to Christmas with a delightful nativity advent calendar.

Centered within a shining star, this Christmas countdown showcases baby Jesus in his manger.

Each day, kids can add a white pom pom onto the corresponding number, building excitement as Christmas draws nearer.

Baby Jesus craft with easy template

Baby Jesus Craft

With a simple nativity printable and easy-to-follow steps, children can create a beautiful Baby Jesus nestled in his manger paper craft.

This easy nativity craft opens doors to meaningful conversations about the first Christmas night.

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