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Candy Cane Paper Craft for Kids

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This easy candy cane paper craft comes with a printable template with big patterns, created especially for little hands to cut and glue together.

Christmas Crafting

Encouraging kids to try their hand at Christmas crafts not only sparks their imagination but also builds their excitement for the holiday season. Together, families create more than decorations; they craft cherished moments that often become as memorable as the season itself.

Candy cane paper craft for kids to make for Christmas

Key Takeaways:
Candy cane crafts: A delightful project for children, offering a sweet twist on holiday crafting.
Christmas crafts for kids: Encourage family bonding and stimulate creativity during the festive season.
DIY Christmas decorations: Homemade creations add a personal touch to holiday decor, making every piece special.

An easy candy cane paper craft for preschoolers and older kids

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Crafting with Paper

Engaging in paper crafts opens a world of imagination for preschoolers as well as older children.

Crafting with paper offers a tactile experience that can enhance fine motor skills while sparking creativity.

These activities are particularly cost-effective, which makes them accessible and practical for group settings such as classrooms and birthday parties.

The convenience of paper crafts extends to at-home entertainment, providing a simple yet satisfying outlet for artistic expression.

Furthermore, when these crafts include printable templates, participants of varying skill levels find immediate success and enjoyment in the process.

A well-designed template can transform paper crafting into an even more delightful exploration of shapes, colors, and textures.

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Easy candy cane paper craft template for kids

Candy Cane Fun Facts

You might be surprised to learn that the candy cane, with its iconic red and white swirls, wasn’t always a part of Christmas traditions.

Its roots date back to the 17th century, where folklore suggests it originated in Germany. A choirmaster shaped the sugary sticks into the familiar ‘J’ to represent a shepherd’s crook, and used them to keep children quiet during long church services.

Fast forward to today, and candy canes have become a holiday staple, with over 1.76 billion candy canes produced each year just in the United States.

These sweet treats are not only a delight to taste but also provide a festive touch to holiday decor and crafts.

Candy cane paper craft printable for kids

Candy Cane Paper Craft for Kids

Embrace the joy of the holiday season in the classroom with a delightful candy cane craft designed just for preschoolers and kindergartners.

You will find this craft aligns perfectly with little ones’ abilities; its large patterns are straightforward for small hands to navigate with scissors, reducing frustration and boosting their sense of accomplishment.

As each child breathes life into their paper candy cane, adorning it with expressive eyes and a cheerful mouth, they can witness how a simple piece of paper transforms into a character filled with festive personality.

Picture the halls of your school emanating the Christmas spirit, lined with these charming candy cane creations, or imagine them adding a whimsical touch to a Christmas-themed bulletin board, where every pass-by is a reminder of the creativity and joy that the holiday season brings.

This easy-to-make, adorable craft not only decorates your teaching space but also serves as a heartwarming keepsake for each child to remember the magic of the season.

Easy Christmas paper craft for kids

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The template comes with several options:​

  • Option 1 is for printing directly on colored paper. ​
  • Option 2 is for tracing on colored paper.​
  • Option 3 is a coloring page.

Step by step instructions

glue the white cane on green paper

Start by gluing the white candy cane on a green cardstock paper sheet.

add the four stripes

Add the four red stripes.

Glue the mistletoe leaves and berries

Glue the mistletoe leaves and berries onto the candy cane.

Glue the googly eyes above the mistletoe.

Add googly eyes and draw a smile

Use a black marker to draw the mouth.

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