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90 Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make

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How will your tree look this holiday season? Because we have tons of ideas to make it beautiful and unique. We’re so excited to share a big list of 90 Christmas ornaments kids can make. From handprint keepsakes to simple ideas for toddlers and preschoolers, we have it all.

Christmas ornaments kids can make: snow globes, Christmas tree, snowman, reindeer, snowflake, pine cone ornaments, Grinch, wood slice ornaments, salt dough ornaments. Great for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids #Ornaments #Christmas

We’ll be creating with snow globes, nature elements, salt dough, craft sticks and more to make reindeer, angels, Santa, snowflakes, snowmen, Grinch and other favorite characters.  Some of them use handprints or fingerprints and this is always a plus for a kid-made ornaments. It gives a more personal touch.

Ornaments kids can make FB

These ornaments can also make great Christmas gift ideas for grandparents, friends or teachers. Nevertheless, you should also checkout these 24 gifts kids can make.

Christmas ornaments kids can make – snow globe ornaments

Ornaments kids can make 1

All these ornaments use snow globes. Depending on the craft requirements and the kids’ age you can go for plastic snow globes or glass ones. Fill them up, color or paint and turn them into adorable keepsake.

Charlie Brown ornaments – Make them the traditional yellow or go for a Christmas color: red.

Grinch ornament – This may be the best Grinch ornament I have ever seen.

Masking tape art ornament – Have you ever used the tape resist art technique? It’s so much fun!

I Spy ornament – Perfect for the I Spy fans.

Melted crayon ornament – I have used this technique with Easter eggs but haven’t tried it on ornaments yet.

Melted crayon ornament – Same technique, different outcome.

Hard candy ornament – A sweet ornament, literally !

Personalized ornament – Make one for every member of your family.

Christmas light ornament – Personalize with fingerprint lights.

Ornaments kids can make 2

Pom pom snowflake ornament – Fill it up with white or blue pom poms.

Snowman ornament – I like the bog googly eyes.

Photo ornament – This toddler and preschooler ornament contains a little photo of the child.

Santa handprint ornament – You can also add a handprint elf or reindeer ornament.

Marbled Christmas ornament  – What beautiful colors!

I Spy ornament – Another version of the I Spy ornament.

Kid artwork ornament – This ornament includes a little drawing done by your kid on a piece of plastic.

Easy Christmas ornament – Glitter and ornaments go hand in hand.

Pom pom ornament – Fill the snow globe with pom poms and small jingle bells.

Ornaments kids can make 3

Minion ornament – Minions will always be among kids’ favorite characters.

Elmo ornament – I love book inspired ornaments.

Christmas ornaments kids can make – Nature Element Ornaments

Pine cone ornaments

Ornaments kids can make 4

Pine cone lion ornament – What a cute ornament!

Reindeer ornament – A classic pine cone ornament

Pine cone reindeer ornament – Another version with a bigger nose.

Trolls ornament – Beautiful and bright ornament.

Wood slice ornaments

Ornaments kids can make 5

String art ornament – Great for practicing fine motor skills.

Snowman ornament – Fun and easy to make.

Rudolph ornament – Easy ornament for toddlers.

Keepsake chalkboard ornament – What can be more fun than your kids’ drawing as an ornament?

Santa ornament – Santa ornaments are a must.

Fingerprint penguin ornament – What a lovely little guy!

Snowman ornaments – Use fingerprints also to make the snowmen

Grinch ornament – Three ways to create a Grinch ornament.

Polar bear ornaments – Another way to create with fingerprints.

More nature element ornaments

Ornaments kids can make 6

Baby Jesus ornament – A walnut shell is perfect to use for a manger

Acorn people ornaments – Paint a few acorns and turn them into adorable people ornaments

Orange slice ornaments – This is how most of the ornaments looked like when I was a kid.

Leaf ornament – Leaves make great painting canvas.

Orange ornaments – Sweet smell ornaments!

Acorn marble ornaments – Grab a few acorns for these beautiful ornaments.

Cinnamon stick Christmas tree ornament – They can be adapted for almost any age.

Peanut snowman ornaments – I love peanuts so I’m pretty sure I would end up eating them before making ornaments with them 🙂

Bark ornament – Unique and gorgeous

Christmas ornaments kids can make – Snowflakes


Frozen inspired snowflake – Is Frozen a popular movie during winter time only or year round?

Paper straw snowflakes – Great ornament for preschoolers

Craft stick snowflakes – Nice colors!

Pipe cleaner snowflakes – Aren’t these just adorable?

Crystal snowflakes – A Christmas science experiment turned into ornament

Glitter snowflake – Us ea cookie cutter to make it.

Pipe cleaner snowflake – Another way to make snowflake ornaments with pipe cleaners

Christmas ornaments kids can make – Reindeer

Ornaments kids can make reindeer

Pasta reindeer ornament – What a fun way to get creative with food!

Craft stick reindeer – I love the idea of making a reindeer girl too.

Handprint reindeer ornament – I’m a big fan of handprint ornaments.

Mason jar lid reindeer ornament – Got an extra mason jar around the house?

Christmas ornaments kids can make – Christmas trees

Ornaments kids can make 9

Yarn wrapped Christmas tree ornament – Great for fine motor skills.

Salt dough fingerprint ornaments – Make several as gifts for teachers and friends.

Clothespin Christmas ornaments – They turned out fantastic!

Cupcake liner ornaments – Make ornaments with the leftover Christmas cupcake liners.

Popsicle stick Christmas tree – I love the idea for kids to draw on them.

Aluminium foil Christmas trees – Aluminium foil is a fun craft material to use.

Sparkly craft stick ornaments – A Christmas tree doesn’t have to be all green.

Scrap fabric Christmas tree – I enjoy sewing so have tons of scrap fabric.

Ribbon ornament – Another wonderful way to work on fine motor skills this Christmas season.

Ornaments kids can make 10

Paint chip ornaments – Cheap and simple.

Paper doily ornament – So cute!

Paper mache Christmas tree – Have you ever worked with paper mache?

Christmas ornaments kids can make – Snowmen

Ornaments kids can make 11

Polymer clay snowman – How fun to combine polymer clay and sticks

Mason jar lid snowman – A frugal and cute ornament.

Frozen inspire ornament – Olaf makes a great Christmas ornament.

Slime ornament – Even a snowman loves playing with slime.

Christmas ornaments kids can make – Salt dough ornaments

Ornaments kids can make 12

Fingerprint snowman  – Use a cookie cutter to make the snowman

Snowman family  – Salt dough handprint ornament

Salt dough ornaments  – Don’t they look fabulous with glitter?

Christmas lights – What a great idea to add the year the ornament was made.

Christmas tree ornaments – Another variation of the Christmas tree.

Salt dough photo frame – What a darling keepsake!

Heart ornament – The handprints make it so special.

Santa handprint ornaments – Two ways to make this ornament.

More Christmas ornaments kids can make

Ornaments kids can make 13

Angel Christmas ornaments – Make them with wooden spoons.

Star bright ornament – Book inspired Christmas ornament.

Printable ornaments – They make a beautiful garland.

Space ornaments – My boys would love making these ornaments.

Christmas photo ornaments – Grandparents would love to have such ornaments in their tree.

Reindeer ornament – Make it from paint chips.

Mason jar ornament – An old Christmas card turned into a new ornament.

Mickey Mouse ornaments – Who doesn’t love a Disney ornament?

Swedish ornaments – We go to the Swedish museum every Christmas to admire their decorations and ornaments.

Ornaments kids can make 14

Paper angel ornaments – So colorful and fun.

Santa hat ornament – Easy and cute.

Wooden peg doll angle – This ornament is absolutely adorable.

Wreath ornaments – Make them paper straws and beads.

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