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Trolls Ornaments

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My husband has started travelling more this year. People ask me if this is hard on me as I have to take care of the boys on my own for days in a row. No! I cook lightly for just the three of us and this means less time spent in the kitchen. I also manage to put the kiddos earlier to bed which translates into more me time. So, no! I don’t mind it.

Last time my hubby was out of town we even spoiled ourselves and went to the movies. (We usually go on weekends as a family.) We saw Trolls and we all loved it. Inspired by the cute little characters I created a couple of Trolls ornaments for our Christmas tree.

I used pine cones to make princess Poppy and Creek.

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Trolls ornaments.Princess Poppy

How to make Trolls ornaments

Trolls ornaments.

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Materials: pine cones, pink and purple paint, brush, pink, blue and green felt, string, hot glue gun, scissors

Trolls ornaments.

Step 1: Paint one pine cone pink and the other one purple. Let it dry and apply one more layer. You don’t have to paint all the way up to the top as this will be covered by the hair anyway.

Step 2: Use scissors to cut the pink and blue felt into strips. Leave 1/2″ uncut at the bottom.

Step 3: Glue the felt around the pine cones.

Step 4: Tie the string to the top of the pine cones.

Step 5: Gather up the hair and tie it up together at the top.

Step 6: Use green and blue felt to make princess Poppy’s headband and glue it to the hair.

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Trolls ornaments made from pine cones and inspired by Princess Poppy and Creek. Make these colorful ornaments for your Christmas tree. Adorable Trolls craft for kids. | at Non Toy Gifts

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