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20 Christmas Paper Crafts For Kindergarten

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Christmas may be more than a month away but I know teachers like to plan ahead so I put together a fun list of 20 Christmas paper crafts for kindergarten. If you’re looking for kindergarten Christmas party ideas, Christmas bulletin boards ideas or simple classroom Christmas decorations, you are in the right place.

20 Christmas paper crafts for kindergarten - great for bulletin boards and Christmas classroom party

I’ve got you covered when it comes to kindergarten Christmas paper crafts but if you’re looking for more ideas, that require some other supplies, like paper plates or paper rolls, please make sure to check out our entire collection of Christmas crafts for kids.

Christmas paper crafts for kindergarten

Christmas paper crafts for kindergartners
  1. Paper reindeer craft – These may be the cutest reindeer ever!
  2. Paper elf craft – I love the big hat with mistletoe.
  3. Grinch craft – My son’s teacher made this Grinch with the classroom when my kiddo was in kindergarten. She received a lot of compliments for it.
  4. Gingerbread house craft – The craft template comes with a lot of options for decorating the houses.

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Kindergarten Christmas paper crafts
  1. Santa is stuck in the chimney – A funny craft and so easy to make!
  2. Christmas paper wreath – Students can write their names at the bottom of the wreaths and they can be taped above their cubbies.
  3. Paper Santa craft – A simple Santa craft that would make a beautiful Christmas bulletin board display.
  4. Christmas tree paper craft – I like how the Christmas tree is dressed up for the cold winter days.

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Classroom kindergarten Christmas paper crafts

These next four Christmas crafts make a nice collection on their own. They can be used during the Christmas classroom party, one craft per station, and have students decide which one they prefer to make.

  1. Elf craft
  2. Santa craft
  3. Reindeer craft
  4. Gingerbread man craft
Shape Christmas crafts

These four crafts will help kindergartners review shapes.

  1. Shape Santa
  2. Shape Santa – more shapes than the first option
  3. Elf shape craft
  4. Reindeer shape craft – a mix and match craft with a writing option
Easy Christmas crafts for kindergarten
  1. Santa cards – Kids can make these Christmas cards for parents.
  2. Christmas bell craft – The craft comes with a very simple template with big patterns.
  3. Candle paper craft – Cute little thing!
  4. Santa paper craft – Great for practicing scissor cutting
20 Christmas crafts

And if you’d like to create with students ornaments they can take home for their parents, check out these 90 ornaments kids can make. You will find so many beautiful and easy ideas you can use in the classroom.

20 Christmas Paper Crafts For Kindergarten

Beautiful Christmas paper crafts for kindergarten to be used for the Christmas classroom party, as classroom or hallway decorations or bulletin board display.

  1. Reindeer paper craft
  2. Elf paper craft
  3. Grinch paper craft
  4. Gingerbread house craft
  5. Santa is stuck in the chimney
  6. Christmas wreath craft
  7. Easy Santa craft
  8. Christmas tree craft
  9. Paper elf craft
  10. Paper Santa craft
  11. Paper reindeer craft
  12. Paper gingerbread man craft
  13. Shape Santa - 4 shapes
  14. Shape Santa - 6 shapes
  15. Shape elf
  16. Shape reindeer
  17. Santa cards
  18. Christmas bell craft
  19. Christmas candle craft
  20. Easy Santa craft

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