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Santa Card for Kids to Make

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I am a big fan of handmade cards and Christmas is a great opportunity to make lots of them. I like to add a kid-made card to the teachers’ holiday gifts. We’re also making cards for the bus drivers with a little gift card inside. This season I came up with two card ideas: a handprint Grinch heart card and now this Santa card for kids.

Easy handmade Santa card for kids to make. Great for kindergartners and older kids. Make a Christmas card for teachers, grandparents, bus drivers or babysitter. #Santa #ChristmasCard

Santa is definitely one of our favorite Christmas characters to turn into crafts. We have used a paper plate and yarn to make his beard, a wooden spoon or just paper. Among our favorites is this shape Santa – an educational craft idea that keeps the kids busy and entertained but also helps them review shapes.

Easy DIY Santa cards with template

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Santa card for kids

Now let’s get busy making our Santa card for kids. All we need is paper and the template below.

Santa card for kids

Easy Santa card for kids. Christmas card with template

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How to make the Santa card for kids

The Santa card template comes with two versions:

1. template option 1 – print directly on colored paper

2. template option 2 – trace patterns on colored paper

This way you can easily craft with just one or two kids as well as with a classroom full of students.

Step by step instructions

Santa card template

To make the Santa card you will need:  1 white folded head, 1 beige or pink face, 1 white beard, 1 red hat, 1 white pom pom, 1 white hat band, 2 white mustaches.

Santa face

Start by gluing the beige or pink face onto the folded Santa head card.

Santa hat

Glue the red hat on top of the folded card.

Hat with pom pom

Add the white pom pom on top of the hat.

Santa beard

Let’s add Santa’s beard.

Hat band

Finish the hat by gluing the hat band at the bottom of the hat.

Santa mustache

Glue the mustaches, one on each side of the face.

Use a black marker to draw the eyes and a red marker to draw the nose.

Sharing is caring!