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Nativity Diorama Craft for Kids

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Unleash children’s creativity and engage them in the Christmas story with this coloring paper nativity diorama craft where they can color and assemble their own 3D scene of the nativity, bringing the story to life in a hands-on and artistic way.

Nativity diorama craft for kids to make for Christmas Sunday school

This nativity craft is an excellent tool for teaching kids about the birth of Jesus.

By allowing kids to construct their own three dimensional scene of the nativity, complete with the paper figure of baby Jesus in the manger, they can actively engage in this story and visualize the events surrounding Jesus ‘s birth.

This hands-on approach fosters a deeper understanding and connection to the significance of this important event in a fun and interactive way.

Nativity diorama craft for preschoolers to make at school or home

Use for the Christmas Sunday School lesson

This nativity diorama craft can be a valuable teaching tool for Christmas Sunday school.

By providing preschoolers, kindergarteners and older kids with the materials to create their own dioramas, they can actively participate in retelling the story of Jesus birth.

As they color, cut out, and assemble the dioramas, teachers can guide discussions about the significance of each character and element in the nativity scene.

This nativity activity allows kids to engage with the story in a meaningful way, fostering their understanding and appreciation of the Christmas story in a Sunday school setting.

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Nativity diorama craft - easy coloring Christmas craft for kids

Use as a Christmas decoration

The paper nativity diorama craft can serve as a beautiful and meaningful decoration for Christmas.

With its intricate details and vibrant colors, the diorama can be displayed on a mantle, table, or shelf, adding a touch of festive charm to any room.

Its representation of the nativity scene reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas and can bring a sense of joy and reverence to our holiday décor.

Whether placed in schools, homes, or churches, the paper nativity diorama craft becomes a visual centerpiece that captures the essence of the season and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere during the Christmas festivities.

Three template options

The nativity craft comes with three template options for the background

Mary, Joseph and the animals in the stable

Nativity diorama craft with template

Jesus’s birth in a stable and being placed in a manger shows us that he came to bring love and joy to everyone, no matter where they are. It’s an important part of the Christmas story that reminds us how special and precious Jesus is!

The three wise men

Nativity diorama craft with printable template

Guided by a shining star in the night sky, the wise man embarked on a journey to find the newborn king, Jesus. With determination and faith, they followed the star until it led them to the very place where Jesus was born.

Shepherd with sheep

easy coloring Nativity diorama craft for kids

Upon hearing the news of Jesus ‘s birth from a host of angels, the shepherds left their flocks and hurried to the stable in Bethlehem where they found baby Jesus lying in a manger.

Nativity diorama craft

Nativity diorama craft for kids - with three template options

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Step by step instructions

Print the nativity scenes and baby Jesus on white paper or cardstock paper. ( I had mine printed on paper and it worked fine)

color the nativity scene

Color one or all nativity scenes and baby Jesus.

fold the nativity scene

Fold the nativity scene in half, along the middle line.

cut the bottom in half

Cut the bottom half along the dotted middle line.

glue the bottom

Glue the bottom, overlapping the two quarters.

add baby Jesus

Fold down the bottom of baby Jesus, apply glue and add him to the nativity scene.

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