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22 Handprint Christmas Tree Crafts

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Get into the festive spirit with this wonderful collection of 22 handprint Christmas tree crafts for kids. These fun Christmas activities allow toddlers, preschoolers and older kids  to create their unique and personalized Christmas trees using their handprints.

Handprint Christmas Tree Crafts for kids

This list of handprint Christmas tree craft ideas serves as a fantastic resource for parents during the holiday season, providing a variety of creative and engaging activities. Kids will showcase their artistic talents while creating cherished keepsakes that capture the joy and spirit of Christmas.

We decided to combine Christmas tree crafts with handprint crafts and the result was simply fabulous.

Handprint Christmas Tree Crafts for preschoolers and older kids

Handprint crafts

Handprint crafts for kids offer a wonderful way to express creativity and leave a personal mark on the artwork.

By using their own handprints, kids feel a sense of ownership and pride in their creations.

They  also work on their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Additionally, handprint crafts serve as precious keepsakes capturing a moment in time and creating a lasting memory for both kids and their families.

More handprint Christmas crafts for kids

Check out even more handprint Christmas craft ideas:

Handprint Christmas Tree Crafts

Handprint Christmas Tree Crafts and art projects

Christmas handprint art – Create a festive Christmas handprint art project that captures the joy of the season.

Handprint Christmas tree craft – Get in the holiday spirit with this charming Christmas tree craft made with handprints and decorated with colorful pom poms and pipe cleaners.

Christmas tree keepsake – This is part of a bigger handprint and footprint keepsake series for the holidays.

Handprint kitchen towel gift – Spread holiday cheer with a thoughtful and personalized kitchen towel gift for a teacher grandparent or another dear family member.

paper Handprint Christmas Tree Crafts

Handprint Christmas tree – Cute as a button, this Christmas tree makes a beautiful holiday decoration.

Christmas tree craft – Why use only one handprint to make a Christmas tree?

Handprint Christmas tree art – If your kid loves painting, this Christmas art project is for you!

Christmas tree cards – Spread the joy and festive spirit to friends and family with these adorable handprint Christmas tree cards.

Christmas trees made with several kids handprints

Handprint Christmas tree art – This can be a fun holiday family art project and a wonderful keepsake.

Easy handprint tree craft – Use this idea for a holiday classroom craft project and have each student add their handprints.

3D handprint Christmas tree craft – I love the 3d effect of this craft.

Pom pom handprint Christmas tree craft – Take it a step further and decorate your 3D tree.

Handprint Christmas Tree Crafts

Handprint Christmas tree craft – Add a sparkly star on top.

Family handprint Christmas tree – In case you’re looking for a fun and easy Christmas craft to get your family together around the craft table.

Handprint Christmas tree card – Grandma will love this card for Christmas!

Christmas tree art project – Try it in your classroom with preschoolers – they will love it.

classroom Christmas Tree Crafts

Colorful handprint Christmas tree craft – This is a joy to look at!

Classroom Christmas craft handprint tree – Great classroom decoration for the holiday season.

salt dough Christmas tree ornaments

Salt dough Christmas tree – Create a beautiful and memorable keepsake that can be cherished year after year.

Easy handprint ornament – Decorate the salt dough tree ornament with colorful pom pom for a fun look.

Easy handprint ornament – Learn how to make a handprint ornament on a Christmas globe.

Salt dough handprint tree – Add color to the salt dough before doing the handprint.

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