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Gnome Countdown

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Our gnome countdown advent printable calendar for kids offers a delightful and interactive way for children to countdown to Christmas.

Gnome countdown to Christmas printable template for kids

Kids love counting down to Christmas and here are some of the reasons you should use our gnome countdown with your family this December:

Build anticipation

The gnome countdown to Christmas allows kids to build anticipation for the holiday. It creates a sense of excitement and eagerness as they see the number of days decrease, bringing them closer to the magical day. The countdown heightens their anticipation, making the wait more enjoyable and memorable.

Visualize time

The countdown provides a visual representation of the passing days. Kids can easily see how many days are left until Christmas. This visual aid helps them understand the concept of time and eagerly anticipate the upcoming festivities.

Make special milestones

The gnome countdown to Christmas allows kids to mark special milestones leading up to the big day. Each passing day brings them closer to exciting events like decorating the tree, baking cookies, or participating in holiday traditions. By using the countdown, kids can visually track these milestones, making them even more memorable and exciting.

Engage in daily activities

Parents can pair the gnome countdown to Christmas with daily activities or surprises. Kids will eagerly look forward to each day’s unique activity, whether it’s opening a small gift, completing a festive craft, or participating in a holiday-themed game. These daily activities keep them engaged and excited throughout the countdown.

Christmas countdown printable for kids: gnome

Christmas crafts

Here are some Christmas crafts you can make with kids while counting down to the big day:

Foster a sense of tradition

The gnome countdown to Christmas can become a cherished tradition for many families. Kids will appreciate the routine and predictability of counting down the days together. They will eagerly look forward to continuing this tradition each year, creating a sense of nostalgia and building strong family bonds.

Sparkle imagination

The gnome countdown to Christmas ignites kids imagination and fuels their excitement. They imagine Santa Claus preparing gifts to the North Pole, his reindeer flying through the night sky, and the joy of waking up on Christmas morning to find presents under the tree.

Create a sense of control

The gnome countdown gives kids a sense of control and empowerment. As they mark off each day, they feel more involved and engaged in the holiday season.

Gnome Countdown

easy printable craft gnome countdown to Christmas for kids

Kids can glue one white pom pom on each number to count down the days to Christmas, or they can color the numbers.

The printable template comes with four options:

  • colored gnome with gray background
  • colored gnome with blue background
  • black and white gnome with gray background
  • black and white gnome with blue background

All you have to do is print the gnome template on white paper or cardstock paper and have it ready for when the countdown starts.

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