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28 Handprint Christmas Ornaments

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If making Christmas ornaments with your kids is a holiday tradition in your family or you want to create a DIY Christmas gift for grandparents, these handprint Christmas ornaments will be of great inspiration.

Handprint Christmas ornaments kids can make

While most of them are homemade salt dough handprint ornaments, you will also find other ideas that use paper or plastic balls. There are handprint Christmas ornaments for everyone. From baby’s first Christmas to ornaments to make with toddlers, preschoolers and older kids.

If you want to go beyond using handprints , take a look at this list of 90 ornaments kids can make.

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Handprint Christmas ornaments for kids

Handprint Christmas ornaments

Salt dough handprint ornaments are very popular. While I can’t help you with a salt dough recipe (I prefer to use clay as I think it’s more resistant), I can offer plenty of ideas on how to decorate these salt dough handprints.

Salt dough handprint ornaments

Handprint Christmas tree ornament – I love how this Christmas tree is decorated with fingerprints and a star.

Handprint reindeer – Cute reindeer with its googly eyes and pom pom nose. All it misses is a smile.

Santa ornament – A thick ornament may take longer to dry but it will be more resistant and you’ll be able to enjoy it for years without the fear that it can break any moment.

Handprint elf ornament – Look at all the details! It’s a salt dough ornament taken to the next level.

Handprint salt dough Christmas ornaments

Santa ornament – Cute as a button, this ornament.

Snowman keepsake – Because it’s a a two handprint ornament and heavier, you may want to make sure this ornament is hung at the bottom of your Christmas tree.

Handprint photo ornament – A photo is an extra personal touch to a handprint ornament.

Salt dough handprint ornament – I love the simplicity of this ornament.

Mittens, robin and reindeer DIY ornaments

Mitten ornament – This ornament goes along also with the book The Mitten.

Handprint Christmas ornament – A classy black and white ornament.

Robin ornament – A beautiful winter symbol.

Reindeer ornament – The red pom pom is a nice addition to this ornament.

Christmas ornaments for kids made with salt dough

Santa handprint – Another variation of the Santa ornament.

Christmas tree ornament – You can’t have too many Christmas tree ornaments.

Handprint ornament – Print your kid’s name too on the ornament.

Heart handprint ornament – I love the glitter added to this handprint ornament.

The Grinch, trolls and elf DIY ornaments

The Grinch handprint – Make this ornament before or after you watch the movie.

Trolls ornament – Create your kid’s favorite character.

Handprint ornament – I love all the colors and beautiful designs.

Elf handprint ornament – Santa needs his helpers.

Handprint paper Christmas ornaments

The next four ornaments are made with paper. This means that they are easy to make and require no additional time, like the salt dough ornaments. Make them and hang them in the tree right away.

Paper handprint ornaments

Reindeer ornament – Such a cute reindeer ornament idea.

Handprint ornament – Use colorful or pattern paper and laminate the ornament.

Handprint Christmas ornaments – These ornaments can also be used as gift tags.

Angel handprint – A beautiful tree top decoration.

DIY ball Christmas ornaments

Use plastic ball Christmas ornaments for the last four ideas.

Plastic ball handprint ornaments

Handprint ornament – This one was made to celebrate baby’s first Christmas.

Snowmen ornament – Wait for the paint to dry and then work on the details.

Snowmen Christmas ornament – Use more than paint to decorate the snowmen.

Santa handprint ornament – I like the idea of using a black plastic ball ornament.

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