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I Am Thankful For Spinner

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Color your own “I am thankful for” spinner craft – a nice alternative to the classic thankful turkey craft and a great Thanksgiving craft idea for preschoolers and older kids.

I am thankful for spinner craft for kids

Because I have created many spinner crafts this year, for holidays, like Easter, or life cycle wheels, I thought it would be great to make one for Thanksgiving too.

Kids will get a chance to get creative with this Thanksgiving thankful craft. They will color the cover and write and/or draw five things they are grateful for.

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I am thankful for spinner craft for preschoolers and older kids

The “I am thankful for” spinner template comes with several options for both the cover and the wheel.

In case you want to write your own words on the cover or you want to write them in another language than English, you can do so on the untitled cover.

One of the spinner comes with five words already printed: My Family, My Friends, My Toys, My House, My Books. Kids will only have to draw and color their family, friends and so on.

The other spinner comes with five blank sections where kids can write down and draw anything they are grateful for. They will not be limited to the five things mentioned above.

The template also has the option to print one or two wheels per page. Bigger spinners work better for younger kids offering them more space to draw and write.

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“I am thankful for” spinner

Write, draw and color I am thankful for spinner craft

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How to make the thankful craft

Start by printing the spinner and cover on white cardstock paper and cutting them out.

Students can draw and write five things they are thankful for on the spinner.

There is also an option with words already on the spinner. In this case students only have to draw and color.


Color the cover.


Use a hole punch to make a hole in the middle of the cover. (where marked)

hole in the cover

Use a pencil to make a hole in the middle of the spinner. (where marked)

hole in the spinner

Attach the spinner and cover together with a paper fastener.

attach the spinner and cover together

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