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Wooden Peg Doll Christmas Craft

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This wooden peg doll Christmas craft is great for play pretend or you can turn Santa, the elf and the snowman into ornaments and hang them in the tree. Do this by just gluing a string at the top of their hats.

Wooden peg doll Christmas craft for kids

I had quite a few Santa hats left after we made the Grinch wooden clothespins last year. They were a perfect fit for the small peg dolls and when I put them together, I managed to create a cute trio of Christmas characters.

Wooden peg doll Christmas ornaments

I made them in a very simple way, by painting the peg dolls and adding a few details: the beard to Santa and ribbon to the snowman and the elf.

Put your own touch to your Christmas characters. You can use markers to draw more details or washi tape for the scarves.

DIY Christmas play pretend for kids
Wooden peg doll Christmas craft

If you plan on turning them into ornaments, I encourage you to take a look at this list of 90 Christmas ornaments for more inspiration. So many ideas for kids to try on their own or to make as a family.

Wooden peg doll Christmas craft for preschoolers and older kids

Wooden peg doll Christmas craft

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  • small wooden peg dolls
  • small Santa hats
  • craft paint: red , white and green
  • paint brush
  • black and orange markers or pencils
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • cotton pad or white fluffy fabric
  • hot glue gun with glue sticks
elf and snowman wooden peg dolls

How to make Christmas peg dolls

Start by painting the wooden peg dolls. I painted one completely white for the snowman. I would encourage you to also paint the elf and Santa’s heads. Otherwise, if you use a marker to draw the eyes and mouth it will bleed.

painted peg dolls

Add the hats on top of the peg dolls. They were a perfect fit so I didn’t have to glue them in place.

santa hats

Cut a piece of blue ribbon to use as scarf for the snowman and green ribbon for the elf. Use a hot glue gun to glue the scarves in place .

I used a piece of fluffy white fabric for Santa’s beard. A cotton pad would also work.

santa beard and scarves

Use a black marker or pencil to draw the eyes, mouths and buttons. Make the snowman’s nose with a orange pencil or marker.

If you haven’t painted the elf’s and Santa’s heads, I encourage you to use a black pencil. If you painted the heads, a black marker won’t bleed and make a mess.( like in my case – if you look closely)

details: nose, eyes, mouth, buttons

What other details would you add to this wooden peg doll Christmas craft? Maybe a red pom pom nose?

Wooden peg doll Christmas craft collage

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