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The Easter Story Wheel Craft

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Looking for a fun and easy way to teach the Easter story so that little kids can understand? The Easter story wheel is a great craft to use for Sunday school or at home, where you can explain to kids the significance of each image included in the spinner.

The Easter story wheel spinner craft for kids

You can start by reading the Easter story, talk about Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection and then finish with this interactive craft.


This craft is part of an awesome Easter bundle. Make sure to check it out.

We have added several resurrection crafts to our Easter craft collection (the most popular is this He is Risen! craft) but this craft focusses on the entire Easter story, starting with the Palm Sunday and including the most important events leading up to the Easter Sunday.

The Easter story wheel spinner for kids

I have created a bigger version of the Easter story wheel with just one wheel per page so that younger kids can easily color it and a smaller version with both wheels (story wheel and cover wheel) on the same page.

The Easter story craft

The Easter story wheel craft for kids

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How to make the Easter story spinner

Start by printing the story wheel and cover on white cardstock paper and cutting them out.

Easter story wheel

Color the story wheel.

wheel cover

Color the cover wheel.

make a whole in the cover wheel

Use a hole punch to make a hole in the middle of the cover. (where marked)

make a hole in the story wheel

Use a pencil to make a hole in the middle of the story wheel. (where marked)

attach the two wheels together

Attach the story wheel and cover together with a paper fastener.

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