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Happy Earth Sad Earth

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Creating a happy Earth sad Earth activity for Earth Day has been on my mind ever since the happy tooth sad tooth for Dental Health Month in February. This is not like the typical crafts that I share but I love it because it will help kids learn more about our planet and how to do their part and help preserve it for future generations.

Happy Earth sad Earth activity

Kids get to decide which activities are environmentally friendly and make our Earth happy and which are not. This sorting activity is great for preschoolers as well as older kids.

Before they start the game, all kids have to do is cut out the two Earth planets and all 10 action options: 5 positive and 5 negative. The options come with just photos or photos and words explaining what the photos represent.

Happy Earth sad Earth sorting activity

Use this game if you want to teach kids how to properly take care of our planet. Explain to them why it is important to do certain things and why these things are good for the planet as well as why we should avoid doing others because they are environmentally unfriendly. How to recognize polluting actions and why it makes Earth sad.

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Happy Earth sad Earth activity for Earth Day

While this is a great game to play anytime at home or in the classroom, you may want to particularly consider it during April for Earth Day. If you want to add some crafts, please make sure to check out our Earth Day collection.


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Happy Earth Sad Earth activity

Earth day activity for kids



Print the template on white cardstock paper.

Cut out all the patterns: 1 happy planet, 1 sad planet, 10 option “cards”. Choose between the option “cards” with or without words.


Let the kids sort the options into two groups: environmentally friendly or environmentally unfriendly .  Place the environmentally friendly options around the happy Earth and the others around the unhappy Earth.

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