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3D Earth Craft for Kids

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Celebrate Earth Day with a 3D Earth craft for kids. It is an easy craft that will help little ones with their scissors cutting skills. They will have to cut and glue a 3D Earth that goes in the middle of a heart.

This isn’t only a fun craft but it also holds a sweet message about our Earth being in our hearts. We care about it and we can show it through this Earth in a heart project.

3D Earth craft for kids to celebrate Earth Day

The template comes with two options: a colored Earth or one that kids can color themselves, for a more personal touch.

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3D Earth Day craft for kids

This 3D Earth craft is a nice addition to our Earth Day crafts. My kids have created many paper plate Earth crafts throughout the years, from this paper pate yarn Earth to this heart paper plate craft.

Our collection also includes one Earth art project that is such a wonderful idea to try at home or in the classroom. We had ours above the fireplace for many years, around Earth Day.


This craft is part of an amazing Earth Day craft bundle. Make sure to check it out.

3D Earth craft for preschoolers

If you want to use this craft as an opportunity to teach kids about how to take care of our planet, I would suggest that you also take a look at our Happy Earth Sad Earth activity.

3D Earth heart craft

Earth Day craft for the classroom


How to make a 3D Earth craft

easy Earth Day craft for kids

Step 1: Print out the template and cut out all the shapes.

The template comes with 2 Earth options. One is with colored Earth and the other one is ready for you to color it.

For this craft you will need 1 big red heart, 1 small white heart and 4 to 6 Earth shapes.

All pieces for Earth craft

Step 2: Glue the white heart on top of the big red heart.

Red and white hearts

Step 3: Fold all Earth shapes in half. Apply glue to one of the folded halves of an Earth shape. Attach another folded Earth onto the first and align them together. 

3D Earth

Do the same with the rest of the Earth shapes till all of them are attached. Apply glue to the two ends and stick them to the middle of the white heart.

3D Earth last step


Earth Day craft for kindergartners

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