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Take Care of Earth Coloring Page

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We created this “Take care of Earth coloring page” as a fun way to show kids how they can help our planet. The coloring page includes nine different ways, from recycling to planting a new tree or bush.

If you want to add your own ways to help Earth, ways that relate more to your family, you can do so, as I have also included a version with no words. Use a black marker, write the ways down and give the coloring page to your kid to color it.

Take care of Earth coloring page

I created a little heart to add to the middle of Earth as a sign of our love for our beloved planet. Chose between the heart with the words “Ways we can take care of Earth” on it or the heart with no words.

This Earth coloring page goes very well with an Earth Day activity we created not long ago: Happy Earth sad Earth. Kids will have to sort different human actions and decide if they are good for our planet or not.

Ways we can take care of Earth coloring page

For more ideas, make sure to check out our entire collection of Earth Day crafts.

Take care of Earth coloring page

Earth Day coloring page


Step by step instructions

Print the coloring page on white paper and the heart on red paper.

Choose between the coloring page with or without words and between the heart with or without words.

color the page
add the heart

Once kids are done coloring, they will cut out a heart and glue it in the middle of Earth.

Sharing is caring!