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Bird Nest Craft

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With spring upon us, birds are coming back to their old nests or making new ones and this brings so much joy to my heart! What better way to teach kids about birds than a bird nest craft?

A great opportunity to talk to little ones about migration and the life cycle of birds. Please check out also our bird life cycle spinner and this bird craft. Try all three of them for a bird theme unit this spring.

bird nest craft

You can pair the bird nest craft with a book about birds or make a DIY bird feeder so you can easily keep an eye on the birds in your own backyard. Kids will love watching the birds (and squirrels) that come to their bird feeder. I’m telling you this out of experience.

With one template you can create two different crafts a bird flying over nest with eggs or a bird bringing a worm in its beak for the babies in the nest.

bird nest craft - nest with eggs
bird nest craft - nest with babies

Bird nest craft


  • Bird nest template
  • Cardstock paper: green, brown, orange or yellow and two more colors
  • White cardstock paper for background
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue
Easy spring bird nest craft

The template for this craft is especially created for classroom usage.

How to make a bird nest craft

Start by gluing the tree branch at the bottom of the white paper.


Glue three or four leaves in the middle of the branch.


Nest: Option 1 : Glue three eggs to the back of the nest.

nest with eggs

Nest: Option 2: Glue two baby bird’s heads to the back of the nest.

nest with babies

Glue a baby beak onto each head.

babies with beaks

Glue the nest onto the branch.

nest on branch

Glue the bird at the top of the white paper.

bird over nest

Glue the beak next to the bird’s face.

bird beak

If you make the baby nest craft, glue first the worm to the back of the beak and then glue the two together onto the white paper.

Use a black marker to draw the bird and babies’ eyes.

Easy paper bird nest craft

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