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Happy Tooth Sad Tooth

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After creating a tooth craft and a tooth fairy craft, I thought of wrapping up our dental health moment with a happy tooth sad tooth activity. This one is not a craft but a sorting game.

Happy tooth sad tooth game for kids

Kids get to decide which food options are healthy and make a tooth happy and which are unhealthy.

This sorting activity is great for preschoolers as well as older kids.

Before they start the game, all kids have to do is cut out the two teeth and all 12 food options: 6 healthy and 6 unhealthy.

Happy tooth sad tooth template

Use this game if you want to teach kids how to properly take care of their teeth.

Explain to them why it is important that we brush our teeth twice per day and floss every day.

Why we want to have a healthy diet and keep our teeth free from cavities.

How to recognize unhealthy food and why it makes our teeth sad.

While this is a great game to play anytime at home or in the classroom, you may want to particularly consider it during February, which is the Dental Health Month.

Happy tooth sad tooth activity

Happy tooth sad tooth sorting game


Prep work

Print the 4 page template on white paper.

Cut out all the patterns:2 teeth (1 happy and 1 sad), 6 healthy food options, 6 unhealthy food options.

How to play

Let the kids sort the food options into two groups: healthy and unhealthy.  Place the healthy food around the happy tooth and the unhealthy food around the other tooth.

Sharing is caring!