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Tooth Craft for Kids

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I have recently found out that February is Dental Health month. So I quickly came up with a cute tooth craft for kids.

But really this craft is great not only for the month of February or to pair at school with a Dental Health Unit.

It is a great craft for any day of the year.

Dental tooth craft

Make it at home with your kids, when you want to talk to them about how to properly brush their teeth or floss, when they start losing their baby teeth or after tooth fairy just paid them a visit. Or just for fun.

My oldest had a hard time brushing his teeth properly at night so I used to check on him every night and had to come up with all sorts of strategies to determine him to properly do it.

Tooth fairy left him notes about it, but this didn’t help much.

The strategy that made it for us was to let him pick a favorite book to read at bedtime, but only if his teeth were nice and clean.

Otherwise it was his brother’s choice.

And he finally learned how to do it properly. Yay!

Happy tooth craft template for preschoolers and older kids

Our tooth craft is a fun and easy one, with a smiley tooth holding a toothbrush on one hand and a toothpaste on the other hand.

I made a dental tooth template to go with the craft and the patterns are big enough for kids as young as preschoolers to be able to handle the cutting.

Tooth craft template for kids

All you need to make this craft is a sheet of white paper (we used white cardstock paper), scissors and glue.

We glued our tooth on a colored cardstock paper to prevent the toothbrush pattern from curling up. But if it doesn’t bother you, feel free to not use the extra cardstock paper.

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How to make a tooth craft

Print the dental tooth template on white paper and cut out all the patterns: the tooth, the two arms, the toothbrush and the toothpaste.

Tooth with arms

Glue the arms to the back of the tooth, one arm on each side of the tooth.

Tooth with arms on colored paper

Glue the tooth and arms onto a colored cardstock paper.

Tooth with toothbrush

Add the toothbrush onto the tooth’s left hand.

Tooth with toothpaste and toothbrush

Glue the toothpaste onto the tooth’s right hand.

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