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Nativity Activity Pack – 50 Pages

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This nativity activity pack centers on the true meaning of Christmas: the birth of Jesus. It is specifically designed for preschoolers and it is a great resource to use at home during the weeks leading up to Christmas or for Christmas Sunday school.

Christmas Nativity activity pack for preschool

This Christ-centered Christmas resource has 50 pages packed with fun and easy activities and engaging crafts.

You will only need colored pencils for the activities while the crafts will also require glue and a strand of yarn.

Christmas Nativity activity pack for preschoolers

Why use the nativity activity pack?

By providing an activity pack to teach preschoolers about the true meaning of Christmas, we can share important values, create engaging learning experiences, and help them develop a deeper understanding of the holiday beyond the commercial aspects. It lays a foundation for them to cherish and celebrate the true essence of Christmas throughout their lives.

Understanding the Nativity Story

Christmas is not just about Santa Claus and gifts, it has a deeper meaning. An activity pack provides an opportunity to introduce and explain the story of Jesus ‘s birth in a way that preschoolers can understand. It helps them grasp the significance of this religious holiday and the center message of love and hope.

Engaging learning experience

An activity pack makes learning about the true meaning of Christmas interactive and engaging for preschoolers. It includes various activities such as coloring, Crafts, and games, which capture kids attention and keep them involved throughout the process. This hands on approach enhances their understanding and makes the learning experience enjoyable.

Age-appropriate content

An activity pack specifically designed for preschoolers ensures that the material is age appropriate and tailored to their development level. It uses simple language, colorful visuals, and easy to follow instructions, making it accessible and understandable for young kids. This increases their chances of comprehension and connecting with the true meaning of Christmas.

Nativity activity packet for preschool

Reinforcing values

The true meaning of Christmas revolves around values such as love, kindness, and generosity. This activity pack includes activities that promote these values such as making bookmarks for loved ones, and sharing with others.

Family involvement

Activity packs can also involve family members. Fostering a sense of togetherness and shared learning. Parents or caregivers can participate in the activities with their preschoolers, discussing the true meaning of Christmas and answering any questions they may have period this involvement strengthens the connection between family members and helps create lasting memories.

Sunday school lesson

By using an activity pack in Sunday school, teachers can create a dynamic and engaging learning experience that effectively conveys the true meaning of Christmas.

What is included in the nativity activity pack?

Are you looking for a no-prep, print and go preschool activity pack to teach about the birth of Jesus?

With this nativity activity pack preschoolers will practice scissors cutting,  tracing and work on early education skills like identifying colors, shapes, letters and numbers and more.

Nativity activity pack - 50 pages

Some of the included activities:

-coloring & drawing pages

-ordering by size

-word tracing

-counting and finishing patterns

-shadow matching

-counting and ordering numbers

-lowercase and uppercase letter sorting

Nativity crafts preschool

Crafts included:

-rocking craft

-Mary and Baby Jesus craft

-Baby Jesus ornament

-Nativity animal hand puppets

More nativity resources

Here are more nativity crafts for kids that you can use at Christmas Sunday School or at home:

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