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Melted Snowman Craft

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This melted snowman craft is great simple idea to try with your kids on a winter day. You can either use our snowman template or create your own.

Melted snowman craft for kids

This melted little guy is a great addition to our snowman crafts.

Melted snowman craft for preschoolers

Does it snow where you live?

We are blessed with a lot of snow here in Minnesota and even if sometimes our winters can last for half a year, my kids have a hard time adapting to the cold and going outside at the beginning of the season.

But once they get used to it, they spent long hours outside playing in the snow, sledding down the hill close to our home or building igloos with their friends. Digging in big piles of snow to make igloos is their favorite thing to do outside.

They aren’t as much interested in building a snowman so I take it upon myself to do it.

No winter without a snowman! 🙂

We have our yearly snowman in the backyard so we can easily keep an eye on it.

If there is no snow where you live and your kids can’t build a snowman, they can still try and make one from paper. This 3D snowman is so cute and easy for all ages. While this snowman has a cardinal on its hat – adorable!

Melted snowman craft

melted snowman craft


  • Melted snowman template
  • Craft paper: white, orange, brown, black and another color of your choice
  • Blue cardstock paper for background
  • Scissors
  • Glue
melted snowman craft for kids to make this winter

How to make a melted snowman craft

The melted snowman template comes with two options:

1. Option 1: Print directly on colored paper.

2. Option 2: Trace patterns on colored paper.

This way you can easily craft with just one or two kids as well as with a classroom full of students.

Step by step directions

Start by gluing the big melted snowball in the middle of a blue cardstock paper.

first melted snowball

Glue the middle melted snowball onto the big melted snowball.

second melted snowball

Glue the two scarf pieces under the snowman’s head.

head with scarf

Add the head in the middle of the melted snowman.


Glue the nose onto the face.


Glue the two arms onto the body, one on each side of the body.


Add the two black buttons onto the body, one on the big melted snowball and the other one onto the medium melted snowball.


Sharing is caring!