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Snowman and Cardinal Craft for Kids

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The snowman and cardinal craft we’re sharing today combines two favorite winter characters that happen to also be good friends.

The red cardinal visiting his happy snowman friend and sitting on his hat or stick arms is a classic winter image.

You can find it as Christmas ornaments or decorations.

We are turning it into a simple paper craft for kids.

Snowman and cardinal craft for kids. Easy paper winter craft for preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids. #snowman #cardinal

Our friends will make a great addition to our winter craft collection of snowmen, penguins and snowflakes. We love bird crafts but I have to say that this is our first cardinal one.

We always have a bird feeder in our backyard and enjoy observing the birds that come looking for food.

We’ve seen many blue jays and red cardinals. They are bright and colorful and stand out in both summer and winter.

However I think they look more amazing against the white snow.

The cardinals particularly like our neighbor’s tree and my kids like to stay by the window and watch them feast on the winter berries.

Snowman and cardinal winter craft for kids

Now let’s get crafting and make our snowman and cardinal friends out of paper. It’s a simple craft (like all our easy crafts for kids) that will encourage kids to work on their scissor cutting skills.

Snowman and cardinal craft

Snowman and cardinal craft for kids

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How to make the snowman and cardinal craft

The snowman and cardinal template comes with two options:

1. print the template directly on colored paper. The colors are mentioned on each page.

2. trace the patterns on colored paper.

Step by step instructions


To make the snowman and cardinal craft you will need: 1 white snowman, 1 orange nose, 1 black hat, 1 red hat band, 1 red cardinal, 1 red cardinal wing and 1 yellow beak.

Snowman head

Start by gluing the white snowman head at the bottom of a blue card stock paper.

Snowman nose

Add the nose in the middle of the head.

Snowman hat

Glue the hat on top of the snowman’s head.

Hat band

Add the red hat band on the hat.


Let’s add now the cardinal on top of the hat.

Cardinal with wing and beak

Glue the beak and wing. To make the wing, fold red paper in half and place the wing pattern on the folded line. Trace, cut and fold. Apply glue to one half.

Black marker details

Use a black marker to draw the cardinal’s details as well as the snowman’s eyes and smile.

Snowman and cardinal

Glue a small googly eye on top of the cardinal’s head.

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