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Snowman Crafts for Kids

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These snowman crafts for kids are perfect for a chilly day when you can’t get outside or in case you live in a state or country where it doesn’t snow but you still want to “build” a snowman.

Snowman crafts

I don’t remember building too many snowmen as a kid. I lived with my parents in an apartment building and there wasn’t much space between the buildings for a snowman. But I’m making up for it now as an adult. I like being active when outside so if I’m around the house and there is no snow to shovel or anything else I have to do, I’ll start building with snow. It may be a snowman, an igloo or a snow bar (yes – this has been my biggest accomplishment this winter).

Snowman crafts for kids

These are all the snowmen we have made throughout the years and if we make some more, I’ll add them all here. Most of them are created with just paper, except for one that uses a paper cup. They are all super easy to make and great for little hands to cut and glue pieces together.

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8 Snowman crafts for kids

I like the 3D effect of this simple snowman craft.

Snowman and cardinal

Snowman and cardinal – two winter symbols that happen to be good friends.

We love creating with shapes so we had to make some shape snowmen.

I like the big buttons and scarf of this paper snowman!

Unfortunately, snowmen melt when the weather gets warm but this melted snowman is a trooper – with its big smile still on.

Such a simple snowman craft made completely from paper!

With just one template you can create four different snowmen.

This paper cup snowman has a glowing nose made with a flameless tealight candle.

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