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Paper Cup Snowman Craft

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We have been creating a lot of snowmen lately and today we’re adding a new one, the last one of this season, I think. Unlike the other snowmen made this year, which were paper snowmen, this one is a paper cup snowman craft.

Paper cup snowman craft

Do you remember our paper cup Halloween crafts? They all have a glowing nose made from a flameless tea candle light and look so much fun! So I thought of creating a winter version and came up with this cute snowman.

You can use it as a night light for kids and place it by their bed. Or if you do it around the holidays, add a string and hang it in the Christmas tree.

paper cup snowman with glowing nose

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Paper cup snowman craft

snowman paper cup craft

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snowman paper cup craft for kids to make this winter

How to make a paper cup snowman craft

Use a pencil to make a hole at the top of the paper cup and slide the flameless candle through the hole. This is the snowman’s nose.


Glue the googly eyes above the nose and use a black marker to draw a smile under the nose.


Glue the strip of colored paper around the paper cup as a scarf.


Glue the button under the scarf.


Make two holes at the bottom of the paper cup, one on each side of the paper cup, and slide the pipe cleaner through them.


Cut two small pieces of pipe cleaner. Twist one of the pipe cleaner pieces around one end of the big pipe cleaner, to form the hands.

Repeat for the other end.


Sharing is caring!