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Paper Cup Halloween Crafts

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Last year we made some paper cup witches and gave them glowing noses. This is how our collection of paper cup Halloween crafts started. Since then we made eight more crafts and I think we managed to cover all the Halloween characters.

Paper cup Halloween crafts

I wanted to bring all of our paper cup Halloween crafts together in one post to make it easier for my readers to have them all in one place. You may want to make your own collection of paper cup Halloween characters or maybe just pick your favorites and make those.

If you’re looking for a Halloween craft idea for kids, you may consider your child’s age when picking one of the paper cup crafts listed below. Although all of them are easy (check out our entire collection of easy crafts for kids), some are easier than others.

Kids as young as toddlers can try their hand at the ghosts and mummies, while preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids should be able to tackle any of these crafts.

I love a simple and inexpensive Halloween decoration. I once turned a bunch of cardboard boxes into Halloween haunted house luminaries. But these Halloween paper cups are way easier and are done in only a few steps.

I started with white paper cups and painted them when necessary. You can skip the painting part and get black, green or orange cups from the dollar store.

What makes these Halloween paper cups special is the glowing noses. I used flameless tea light candles for their noses. Easy and cute!

Paper cup Halloween crafts: vampire, pumpkin and black cat

You can place them outside your door or by the window on Halloween night. I have ours by the fireplace.

If you are a teacher, you can also make them in the classroom with your students. They would make such an adorable classroom decor for the Halloween party.

Paper Cup Halloween Crafts

Paper cup Halloween crafts for kids

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Paper Cup Ghosts

These have been among the first paper cup Halloween crafts I made and is one of my readers’ favorites.

Paper cup Halloween ghost craft

Paper Cup Mummies

Just like the ghosts, the mummies are extremely easy to make.

Paper cup mummy with glowing nose

Paper Cup Jack’O’Lanterns

Personalize them with a smiley face or mean looking eyes.

Jack'O'Lantern pumpkin craft

Paper Cup Black Cats

Make several black cats and place them in front of your house or by the window on Halloween night. They will be cute and a little spooky.

Paper Cup Bats

Nothing scary about these bats!

Paper Cup Witches

Our paper cup Halloween crafts started with these adorable witches.

Paper cup and tea light witch craft

Paper Cup Frankenstein

Frankenstein couldn’t miss the party.

Paper cup Frankenstein - Halloween decoration

Paper Cup Vampires

We want out Halloween crafts not to be scary, so these vampires aren’t very frightening. I mean, how could a vampire with a glowing nose be scary?

Paper Cup Spiders

These may be the most adorable spiders you have ever seen, right?

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