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Paper Cup Witch Craft

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Help kids make this paper cup witch craft for Halloween that both you and your little ones will love.

What do you do with your kids’ crafts ? Do you take pictures and save the best? Or do you toss them shortly after kids lost interest?

This paper cup witch craft won’t end in the recycling bin too soon. Make several witches and use them as Halloween decorations in front of the house or as a Halloween centerpiece.

Paper cup witch craft for kids. Glowing nose made with tea light candle. #witch #Halloween

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This paper cup witch craft has been inspired by some cute little witches made from green tea lights. But finding green tea lights isn’t an easy job.

Because I wasn’t planning on going on a green tea light hunt at all the craft stores, I decided to use regular tea light candles and paper cups that we painted green.

Paper cup and tea light witch craft

If you’re crafting with toddlers or if you just want to skip the painting part, you can start with green paper cups. Waiting for paint to dry can be frustrating sometimes.

Besides, we used two coats of paint for our witches and this means double the frustration. Green paper crafts is a great alternative also if you plan on making this craft with the classroom.

Paper cup witch craft for kids

These witches are part of a Halloween paper cup craft series:

All these crafts have two things in common: are made with paper cups and have glowing noses. You should have seen my Halloween army on the fireplace mantel. It looked so nice!

Easy witch craft

Witch Crafts for Kids

If these witches are a hit in your house, you can try some more ideas like this:

Tea light witch

Paper Cup Witch Craft for Halloween


How to Make a Paper Cup Witch

Green paper cup

If you’re using white paper cups, start by painting them green. We applied two coats of paint and waited between the two for the paint to dry.

Make a hole in the paper cup

Once the paint has dried completely use a pencil to poke a little hole in the middle of the cup. If you’re using green paper cups, you can skip directly to this step.

Tea light nose
Tea light candle witch

Slide the “flame” of the tea light candle through the hole from the inside. Our witch has a nose now.

Witch hat

Draw a hat on the black card stock and cut it out. Add the golden sparkly detail to the hat.

Cut a few thin strips of orange construction paper and glue them to the inside of the black hat. This will be the witch’s hair.

Witch with hat

Glue the hat to the top of the paper cup. The googly eyes will go right under the hat.

Use a black marker to draw the mouth.

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