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Paper Cup Halloween Mummy Craft

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This paper cup mummy craft is so easy to make with kids, even if you aren’t a crafty person.

Time for another Halloween character with a glowing nose. Today we’ll be adding a paper cup mummy craft to our collection of Halloween crafts.

Last year we made these witches with glowing noses. They turned out so adorable that we decided to make a whole series of Halloween paper cup crafts.

Paper cup mummy

Halloween paper cup crafts:

All of our paper cup Halloween crafts are easy to make. Some may require more details while others need just a few elements.

Our mummies start with white paper cups, a touch of paint, some googly eyes and a few lines traced with a black marker. In just a few steps they are ready.

Paper cup Halloween craft

And that’s why they make great Halloween craft for kids as young as toddlers or preschoolers. Make them at home and place them by the fireplace. Or, if you are a teacher, make the mummies in the classroom with your students.

Just imagine a whole class decorated with these cute paper cup mummies. That class would be the envy of the entire school.

Mummy craft

Halloween Mummy Variations

  • Use black paper cups and wrap them up in white crepe paper or strips of white paper
  • Add glow in the dark googly eyes
  • Use a gray marker instead of paint
Halloween mummy craft

Paper Cup Mummy Craft

Paper cup mummy with glowing nose

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How to Make Paper Cup Mummies

Start by drawing the eye area. Paint it gray and set the paper cup aside to let it dry completely.
eye area

Glue two googly eyes on the gray area.

googly eyes

With the help of a pencil poke a small hole under the eyes.

hole for nose

Slide a flameless tea light candle through the hole, from inside out.

tea light candle nose

Use a black marker to draw some random lines onto the paper cup.

Mummy craft for kids

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