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Paper Cup Vampire Craft

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This paper cup vampire craft is not only a cute and easy Halloween craft idea for kids but it can also make a cheap Halloween decoration.

Paper cup vampire craft

Last year we started creating paper cup Halloween crafts and we made quite a few Halloween characters:

Paper cup vampires

All these crafts have three things in common. They are made with paper cups, have glowing noses and are super easy to make. While the ghosts are the easiest that even kids as young as toddlers can make them, the rest are simple, too. Basically, we turned a paper cup into a Halloween character and gave it a glowing nose from a flameless tea light.

If you’re looking for friendly, non-spooky Halloween crafts for kids, look no further than our paper cup Halloween collection. Today we’re adding vampires and we’re still plan on adding more this fall.

Paper cup vampire craft with glowing noses

Vampire paper cup craft variations

  • Paint the paper cup purple instead of beige. You can even leave it white and skip the painting all together.
  • If you don’t have googly eyes at hand, just use a black marker to draw Dracula’s eyes.
  • You can use a red pencil to add blood around the vampire’s fangs. We prefer to keep ours non scary.


Easy vampire craft for Halloween

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I didn’t use any template to create this vampires but once I was done, I thought of making a simple template with a cape and bow tie patterns. Use it, if you like (find the template at the end of the post) or draw your own on red paper.

Easy vampire Dracula craft for kids

How to make a paper cup vampire craft

Start by painting a paper cup beige. As a variation you can make a purple vampire. You can even leave the paper cup white.

Use a black marker or paint to draw the vampire’s hair.


Add two googly eyes right under the hair.

Use the black marker to draw frowning eyebrows and fangs.


Draw a bow tie and cape on red paper. Cut them out and glue them onto the paper cup. You can also use our free template for these two patterns.

With the help of a pencil make a small hole under the eyes.

hole for nose

Slide a flameless tea light candle through the hole, from inside out.

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