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Snowman Craft

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An easy snowman craft for kids to make on a winter day. It comes with a simple printable template, perfect for preschoolers and older kids.

We had a long beautiful fall but now it’s the end of October and it has already snowed twice. I wonder if we’ll have a snowy Halloween and if maybe we will be able to build a snowman by the end of the month. So why not already focus on a snowman craft?

paper snowman craft for kids

Our snowman craft is part of a four Christmas craft series that I will share with you. So, please come back for a cute Santa, an elf and a gingerbread man.

snowman craft for kids

Made just with paper, this snowman is a great craft for preschoolers and kindergartners to practice their fine motor skills and do some scissors cutting.

Use it in the classroom, if you’re a teacher, or at home with your kids. It would make a great bulletin board decoration or hang it in your house.

paper snowman craft

The snowman is a great addition to out winter crafts made up of many other snowmen, penguins and polar bears.

Snowman craft


  • Snowman craft template
  • Cardstock paper: white, black, brown, red, orange, yellow and green
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make a snowman craft

The snowman template comes with two versions:

  • Option 1: Print patterns directly on colored paper.
  • Option 2: Trace patterns on colored paper.

This way you can easily craft with just one or two kids as well as with a classroom full of students.

Step by step directions

Start by gluing the hat on top of the head.


Glue the green hat band onto the hat.

hat band

Glue the eyes under the hat.


Glue the nose under the eyes.


Use the black marker to draw a smile.


Glue the scarf onto the body.


Glue the arms, one on each side of the body.


Glue the buttons onto the body.


Glue the head and body together.


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