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Elf Crafts for Kids

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Make these adorable elf crafts with kids at home so you can enjoy some quality time with your little ones or at school for the classroom holiday party.

The Christmas season is all about sparking joy and spreading holiday cheer, and crafting is a great way to get everyone in the seasonal spirit.

Teachers can use crafts as a great way to foster creativity and collaboration in the classroom, while parents can encourage the whole family to participate in a simple yet sentimental activity.

You’ll have a souvenir for years to come, and can even use them each year, marking your child’s artistic growth and changes as they get older!

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Elf crafts for preschoolers and older kids

If you want the kids to feel like they’re in Santa’s workshop this year, let them get to work on some of these exciting and creative elf crafts.

Not only is it a great exercise in creativity, but the finished products will leave little ones with a great sense of pride as they get to contribute their very own art to the holiday décor.

If you have a group of kids ready to take on a project, feel free to let them browse and vote on their top options, or simply curate a selection of your own for them to choose from.

30+ elf crafts for kids

For those who like to keep with the “Elf on a Shelf” tradition, this is a great way to put a personalized spin on the Christmas custom.

No matter your skill level, these DIY Christmas elf crafts are simple to create, and they make the perfect addition to your holiday space. Make sure you take some time to go through all your options and pick your favorites from the list below!

30+ Elf Crafts

paper elf crafts for kids

Paper elf craft – This elf makes a great Christmas bulletin board.

Easy elf craft – This elf craft is made entirely with paper and it comes with an easy elf craft template.

Shape elves– Review shapes with preschoolers and kindergartners with these adorable elves.

Paper roll elf – Recycle a paper roll into a Christmas craft.

elf crafts: craft stick, paper cup, cupcake liner and paper plate

Craft stick elves– These elves can be used as bookmarks and thus they make a great Christmas gift for grandparents.

Jumping elf puppet – Interactive crafts are the best because kids can actually play with the elves once they are done crafting them.

Cupcake liner elf – Combine baking and crafting with this cupcake liner elf.

Paper plate elf – This elf is just too cute!

elf crafts: cone, paper roll, card and ornament

Paper cone elf – Make a few cone elves and decorate the house with them.

Paper roll elf – If you don’t have felt you can replace it with colored paper.

Elf card – I insist that my kids make handmade cards for their teachers and this elf card is so easy to create.

Elf hat – Add ribbon at the top and turn this craft into Christmas tree decoration.

Christmas crafts: elves

Paper cup elf – If you don’t have a green paper cup, paint a white one and let it dry out before gluing on the details.

Paper bag elf – Paper bag crafts are great to make in the classroom.

Easy elf craft – This craft comes with an elf template, make sure to use it.

Elf crayon holder – Start with an elf and then move on to more Christmas crayon holders.

elves: ornaments, elf paint rocks, puppet finger and puppets

Elf peg doll ornaments – I don’t know if these ornaments will make it in the tree because I’m sure the kids will want to play with them.

Festive elf painted rocks – If you and your kids are into rock painting, here is an idea for the holidays.

Elf finger puppet – How adorable is this elf’s hat?

Elf puppets – Personalize these elves with your kids’ faces.

elf hat, candy elf, elf treat and elf on the shelf

Elf hat – Too adorable not to make this hat!

Candy elf – Who can resist a candy elf?

Oreo elf treat – A fantastic holiday treat for neighbors.

Elf on the shelf– Time to start a new tradition in your family : craft your own elf on the shelf.

elf puppets, paper roll elves, elf ornaments

Elf paper puppet – These puppets will keep kids busy for hours.

Paper roll elf – Next time you want to recycle a paper roll, put it aside instead so you can turn it into a cute elf.

Felt elf – Whether you make the felt with felt or paper, it will make a cute ornament.

Paper elf craft – Save some of the crafts with your kids’ faces on them. You will cherish them for years.

elves for kids: ornaments and bookmarks

Salt dough handprint elf ornament – I prefer to use clay instead of salt dough because you will be able to preserve the ornament for longer.

Craft stick elf ornament – Easy elf craft to make with preschoolers.

Paper plate elf – Paper plate crafts are among my favorites and this elf is just to cute not to give it a try.

Elf bookmark – For all those great readers out there.

easy Christmas craft ideas for kids

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