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Color by Number Animals for Kids

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I’m super excited to tell you about my latest book: Color by Number Animals. From pets and wild animals to magical creatures and dinosaurs, this book is filled with 50 amazing coloring pages for kids ages 3-10.

Color by number animals book for kids

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My experience as a published author started with the Paper Crafts for Kids book. Since then I wrote two more books but this is the first time I’m trying something different, shifting from crafting to coloring.

Animal color by number book for kids

Coloring – Family Activity

This is a book from my family to yours and I hope you will enjoy it as much as we did. My two boys helped me brainstorm what animals to include and we tested the pages together. Coloring animals became a family activity for all four of us, my husband included, every day after dinner. We colored and talked about our day and had a good time.

The book Color by Number Animals is targeted for kids from the age of 3 to 10 but it can be used as a family activity. Coloring is a calming and relaxing activity that we can all benefit from. It will help bring your whole family together, spend quality time and create memories.

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Coloring Benefits

Besides being a fun activity for kids, coloring by number has many incredible benefits:

  • Stimulates creativity, giving kids the opportunity to engage in an artistic activity
  • Builds concentration, when coloring needs to be done between the lines and therefore children are required to be more focused
  • Improves fine motor skills by building the muscles in the kids’ fingers, hand, and wrist
  • Helps with number recognition from 1 to 9
  • Positive effect on the children’s wellbeing by reducing anxiety and stress

Animals Included in the Book

The coloring pages in this book vary in difficulty from easy to challenging. Kids will develop their focus and coloring skills as they move on to more intricate pages, that take more time and concentration to complete.

  • farm animals: horse, cow, rooster and more
  • wild animals: lion, giraffe, crocodile and more
  • dinosaurs
  • ocean animals: seahorse, whale and more
  • pets: cat, dog and more
  • birds: duck, humming bird and more
  • magical creatures: unicorn and dragon

The books comes in a 8.5×11 format, which is the perfect size for kids. Take it along in the car, keep the kids busy during long rides, at the restaurant, at the doctor’s appointment or at home while you are in the kitchen cooking. You can use it in so many ways!

Click here to order the book on Amazon

Sharing is caring!