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My books for kids

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These are the four books I created for kids, in the order I wrote them.

Thank you for your interest in checking them out. Your support means the world to me.

It brings me immense joy to know that my crafts, paper planes and coloring pages have found their way into the homes of young readers around the world.

Your interest in my work inspires me to continue creating easy crafts for kids.

Paper Crafts For Kids is my first book, written for kids ages 4-8. It is packed with fun and easy crafts that little ones can make on their own or together with their parents and grandparents.

All 25 projects come with colorful cut-out templates and easy-to-follow instructions.

Book craft highlight

This interactive craft features two angry pirates, who have a lot to say to each other. To make the pirates, kids will have to cut out the template from the book, and glue the pirates to wooden clothespins.

The Awesome Paper Airplane Book For Kids is my second book that will offer hours of high-flying and folding fun for kids age 6-9. The book comes with step-by-step instructions and diagrams on how to make 15 different planes. Tear out, color and fold!

Book plane highlight

The book features three types of planes: dart planes, glider planes and stunt planes. Check them all out and see which ones are your favorites. (hint: The stunt planes do pretty neat tricks)

Preschool Paper Crafts is a book written to spark creativity in kids ages 3 to 5. It is packed with 25 adorable projects that will help preschoolers practice eye-hand coordination and scissors skills.

All the projects come with simple and colorful cut-out templates and easy-to-follow instructions.

Book craft highlight

Preschoolers can practice tooth brushing with this cute monster craft. Interactive crafts are just a part of the ideas presented this book.

From pets and wild animals to magical creatures and dinosaurs, the book Color By Number Animals is filled with 50 amazing coloring pages for kids ages 3-10.

Coloring book highlight

Animal categories included in the book:

  • farm animals: horse, cow, rooster and more
  • wild animals: lion, giraffe, crocodile and more
  • dinosaurs
  • ocean animals: seahorse, whale and more
  • pets: cat, dog and more
  • birds: duck, humming bird and more
  • magical creatures: unicorn and dragon

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