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Paper Plane Book for Kids

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The Awesome Paper Airplane Book For Kids is my second book that will offer hours of high-flying and folding fun for kids age 6-9. The book comes with step-by-step instructions and diagrams on how to make 15 different planes. Tear out, color and fold!

The awesome paper airplane book for kids

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Kids can enjoy the paper planes on their own or turn it into a fun family time with plane competitions for some long lasting memories. I had a lot of family paper plane competitions with my sons and husband on the hill behind our house and our house was full of planes when I wrote this book. All my family members were testing planes and tweaking them for a better flight. But most of all, my 9-year old learned how to fold a paper plane on his own – which he had no idea how before this book. Now he’s an expert at it and I saw him even teaching his classmates during a ZOOM meeting.

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The planes in the book are divided into three main categories: dart planes, glider planes and stunt planes and each plane is designed with a folding difficulty level in mind, from beginner to advanced. Check to see if your plane will fly better outdoors or it’s an indoor plane and get started.

But before you make your first fold, get your colored pencils or markers out and color in the blank spaces on the plane – turn it into an artwork before you fold it.

Dart Planes

Start your paper plane folding experience with the easiest design: a classic dart plane. Once you tried it a couple of times, read the variation tip to make your plane spin while flying with a very simple trick. You will find a tip or fun fact for each plane in the book.

Glider Planes

Launch the glider planes with a gentle push and they will stay up in the air for quite a lot compared to the dart planes. I have to say this is the reason the gliders are my favorite.

Stunt Planes

Stunt planes are designed to amaze us with their cool tricks. The three stunt planes in the Awesome Paper Airplane Book for Kids each perform different tricks.

There are so many interesting planes to chose from.

Click here to order the book on Amazon

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