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100 Days of School Headband Crowns

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It’s almost time to celebrate the 100th day of school! I created a few 100 days of school headband crowns that you can use in the classroom with preschoolers, kindergartners and older elementary kids.

100 days of school is a big deal and teachers like to mark it with some fun activities, like easy games or crafts.

No prep work is a plus when organizing a celebration for a whole classroom. And this is what I was aiming for when designing these paper hats.

All teachers have to do is print any of the three crowns and hand them to the kids to color and cut.

Maybe some help is needed when fitting the headbands and making sure they are exactly the right size before taping them.

Students will enjoy a fun coloring activity and will end up with a cool crown to show parents at the end of the day. They will be proud of their creation, I’m sure.

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100 Days Smarter Headband

100 days of school coloring crown

This is a fun 100 Days Smarter coloring paper hat that comes with four options from black and white to full-color.

100 days smarter paper hat

While you can use the colored versions, kids will absolutely love to create their own crowns by coloring the 100 dots. They can use markers, colored pencils or Q-tips.

100 Days Brighter Paper Hat

100 days brighter coloring paper hat for kids

The 100 Days Brighter headband features a rocket ship flying through 100 stars.

100 days of school diy paper hat

Kids can either use the pre-colored crown or color the 100 stars, rocket ship and number 100.

I Crawled My Way Through 100 Days Paper Hat

I crawled my way through 100 days paper hat

The I crawled my way through 100 days paper hat has such an adorable design. What a fun way to practice counting and build find motor skills.

I crawled my way through 100 days headband

Just like for the previous crown, kids can use colored pencils or markers to color all 100 dots that make up the caterpillar/bug.

100 Days of School and Loving it Crown

100 days of school and loving it crown for kids

The 100 Days of School and Loving it Hat has such an adorable design. It displays 100 hearts for kids to count and color.

100 days of school paper crown

100 Days of School Headband, Necklace and Diploma

100 days of school headband, necklace and certificate

This 100 days of school paper hat is paired with a necklace and a certificate.

Students will cut out and color the boy or girl version of the crown.

Students will cut out and color the necklace. They can add beads or colored cheerios on each side of the necklace.

The certificate is printed on white cardstock paper. The teacher adds the student’s name, date and teacher signature.

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