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DIY 100 Days of School Shirts for Boys

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A super cool collection of DIY 100 days of school shirts for boys to help you find a fun shirt idea for your kids. Easy handmade shirts to make that your boy will love wearing.

Why Do We Celebrate 100 Days of School?

100 days of school — a significant milestone in the academic year for kids, especially considering how far they have come since the first day.

Recognizing this day has become a beloved tradition, especially among kindergarteners and elementary students.

What better way to celebrate than with a DIY t-shirt project?

Not only do these custom shirts serve as a festive outfit for the day, but they also allow for a creative outlet, giving kids a chance to show off their personal style and interests.

Putting together a shirt that shouts ‘100 days smarter’ with a quirky, unique twist? That’s both a crafty challenge and a fun way to mark this important milestone.

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DIY 100 days of school shirts for boys

Are These Shirt Ideas Only for Boys?

As a boy mom, I like sometimes to search and find ideas that focus only on boys, like these homemade Easter basket ideas for boys.

It saved me the time of curating ideas that may appeal more to boys than girls.

I’m not saying that girls may not be interested in dinosaurs or Minecraft. I just chose to leave out flower shirts, for instance, because this is something my boys would prefer not to wear.

Other ideas included in this list of 100 day of school shirts are gender neutral, like the eye or star shirts, and can be easily made for boys and girls.

How to Make a 100 Days of School Shirt for Boys

These 100 days of school t-shirts are easy to make and you can adapt them to work with the materials you already have at home. While you can find supplies online, I would first check your local craft store because you may find better deals.

The process of making these t-shirts is more or less the same.

Start by writing the words and then glue the elements all over the shirt: front only or front and back.

I tried several ways to write the saying: black and colored fabric marker, puffy fabric marker, and cut out letters out of felt, foam and vinyl.

DIY 100 days of school shirts for boys

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1. I Roared My Way Through 100 Days of School Shirt

I used fabric markers and dinosaur foam stickers.

I first tried the fabric markers for writing and used a combination of black and blue markers.

Then I started added dinosaurs foam stickers. I tried to create a pattern and give it a neat look.

Shirt Variations

Here are some variations of the dinosaur shirts created by other moms.

100 Dino-mite Days shirt

100 Day of ROAR-someness! apron

2. All Eyes On Me, I’m 100 Days Smarter T-shirt

I used puffy fabric paint, googly eyes and Halloween eye foam stickers.

I first printed the saying on a piece of paper and slid it underneath the front of the shirt to be able to follow with the paint on top.

I let it dry and the following day I was able to add the eyes.

You will find online many eye shirts using 100 googly eyes.

I used only two googly eyes and I am glad I did so because the googly eye can be kind of noisy when you move.

This t-shirt makes noises and it only has one pair of googly eyes.

I can’t imagine how it would sound with 100 eyes!

I used hot glue to glue the googly eyes on the t-shirt, but you can also go for googly eyes with self-adhesive.

The rest of the eyes are a bunch of Halloween eye foam stickers from Oriental Trading – unfortunately they don’t sell them anymore.

Shirt Variations

Here are some variations of the eye shirts created by other moms.

100 Eye monster shirt

Another 100 eye monster shirt

Eye made it 100 days t-shirt

3. Time Flies – 100 Days Shirt

I used felt scrap and fake flies.

If you have felt scraps, this will be a good project to use them up. I enjoy working with felt: easy to cut and glue together and on the shirt.

I used a pencil to draw half of a frog on green felt, folded the fabric together and cut out. This way the frog looks symetrical.

I did my frog and the letters pretty big but I’m happy with how they look.

There still is plenty of room for the 100 flies.

I added one of the fake flies on the frog’s tongue but you can glue even more.

The flies look pretty realistic and they are very easy to glue on the t-shirt.

Shirt Variations

Here are a couple of t-shirts that I found on Pinterest and I really like.

The frog and words are painted on this blue shirt.

This shirt is awesome! Not only it has 100 balloons but it’s personalized with the kid’s face.

4. Creepin’ My Way To 100 Days T-shirt

I used 2mm foam sheets (black and two shades of green) and a silhouette cutting machine.

I got three 12inx18in foam sheets, one for each color and I had plenty for this t-shirt.

If I were to buy them again, I would get a 12″x18″ light green as I used it for both squares and words and 9″x12″ dark green and black.

I’ve had a silhouette cutting machine for years but I’m no expert. I use it for basic needs: cutting paper or cardstock paper.

I’m not even sure it could handle foam sheets. I tried and couldn’t make the blade go as deep as to cut completely through the foam sheets. I had to use scissors and a craft knife afterwards.

Nevertheless, the cutting machine helped and made my cutting easier.

I cut out 100 squares and hot glued them to the shirt row by row.

Shirt Variations

This t-shirt that I found on Pinterest was the inspiration for my own t-shirt.

This Minecraft shirt uses foil iron on. I think I could cut foil with my sihnouette.

5. 100 Days Brighter T-shirt

I used a rocket patch iron on applique and glitter foam stickers.

I wish the rocket would have been bigger but I love the glitter stars. They come in two colors: gold and silver and several sizes. Overall I’m happy with the result.

I chose not to add any words on this t-shirt, but you can go for “100 days brighter” or “100 stellar days of school”.

Shirt Variations

Here are two variations found on Pinterest, unfortunately there is no link to any tutorial.

I like the Earth and I wonder if it’s a sticker or iron on patch.

This shirt is created with fabric puff paint. Stars, rocket ship, Earth and words – all is puff paint. I love the name and year on the sleeves.

6. Having A Ball For 100 Days T-shirt

I used foam ball stickers and black contact paper for the words.

NOTE: Don’t use contact paper, like me, because it will peel off. Use vinyl instead!

I started by arranging balls into a first row and continued until I completely covered the front of the t-shirt.

I wasn’t able to use all 100 balls in the front, so you will have to add some also to the sleeves or the back.

For the words, I used again my silhouette cutting machine and contact paper, but you should use vinyl instead of contact paper.

Shirt Variation

As a variation, you can use only one type of balls, if your son is more into one particular sport than sports in general. Like this basketball shirt from Darice.

7. I Ninja’d My Way Through 100 Days T-shirt

I used felt, googly eyes and vinyl.

I first hot glued together the ninja.

With the help of the Silhouette machine, I cut out the letters and hot glued them to the shirt.

Shirt Variation

The ninja shirts I found on Pinterest are made with pom poms.

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