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11 Homemade Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

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If you’re trying to come up with Easter basket ideas for boys, here are some great homemade Easter baskets that you can use for inspiration.

They focus on themes that appeal more to boys. While girls may also like to play with cars, most of them would probably prefer a princess or unicorn basket instead of a superhero one.

11 DIY Easter basket ideas for boys: Turtle Ninja, Superheros, Thomas, cars, trains, Minecraft, Spiderman, pirates and more

I have to admit that putting together an Easter basket for our boys is one tradition we choose to skip. When you are an immigrant you bring along your own traditions that you want to pass over to your kids but you also embrace traditions from your new country and celebrate them along with new friends and neighbors. 

While the Easter egg hunt is something we do in our family, though my boys know mom hides the eggs and not the Easter bunny, I decided to leave the Easter basket out of our holiday traditions. But if I were to do it, I would definitely find the ideas below very useful and inspirational.

DIY Easter basket ideas for boys

So here are 11 creative and totally awesome ideas for your boy Easter basket to make this year.

You can also check out these 20 DIY Easter basket fillers for more awesome handmade ideas.


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