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Footprint Flower Card for Mother’s Day

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This footprint flower card is the perfect card for Mother’s Day that kids can create for their mom or grandma. Even better, it can be paired with one of these 25 darling handmade Mother’s Day gifts for grandma or any of these 15  Mother’s Day handprint gifts .

Footprint flower card for kids to make for for Mother's Day

My son’s preschool teacher loved handprint and footprint crafts and she would make one each month to decorate their classroom. She gathered all the crafts made throughout the year, laminated and put together in a folder with a nice note or poem. It melted my heart to receive such a special gift for Mother’s Day.

Footprint flower card

Footprint flower card for Mother's Day
Mother's Day footprint flower card
Footprint flower card for mom

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Mother's Day footprint flower card for kids to make

Step 1: We started with a 12′ x 12′ white cardstock paper that I folded in half. Paint your child’s left foot with blue paint. Blue is one of my boys’ favorite color but you can go for any other color. We used a paint sponge as a paintbrush may be too ticklish. Press the foot firmly on the paper next to the fold.

Step 2: Once the paint has dried cut out the footprint card.

Step 3: Cut small strips of green cardstock paper and glue them to the back of the back flip.

Step 4: Use the two flower punches to create a few flowers that will be glued to the top of the green paper strips. Add a small circle cut out from a different color. Cut out a few leaves and glue them to the flower stems.

Step 5: Write a sweet message inside the card.


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