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Football Headband

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A fun DIY paper football headband for kids to make for the football season or Super Bowl.

Football headband craft for kids

Why Make A Football Headband?

A Fun Craft for the Football Season

Combining craft activities with football season is a fantastic idea, as it blends fun arts and crafts with the excitement of the game day.

With DIY crafts becoming increasingly popular, we can tap into this trend to create engaging sports-themed activities for our kids.

Crafting a homemade football headband, for instance, can be more than just an easy craft for kids.

It’s a unique way to keep the little ones engaged during the football season.

DIY Football headband for kids

A Super Bowl Craft for Kids

Beyond the fun aspect, making a football headband also gives kids a chance to feel part of the excitement that surrounds the Super Bowl.

It’s as if they’re crafting their own game day gear.

The idea is not merely about creating Super Bowl crafts, but about getting kids actively involved in the festivities.

Whether your children are preschoolers or older, this football headband craft can offer a way for them to create their own game day accessories and get them excited for the Super Bowl.

Football headband printable for kids

Family Activity

And let’s not forget, crafting can be a great family activity.

It offers an opportunity for the whole family to get involved and make memories together.

Imagine the joy, team spirit, and sense of achievement your little one will experience when they proudly show off their handcrafted football headbands.

So, as we gear up for the Super Bowl Sunday, let’s embrace the football season with fun crafts for kids that they’ll not only enjoy making but will also add to their game day excitement.

Super Bowl craft printable for kids

Coloring Benefits for Kids

Imagine pairing the exciting football season with a fun DIY craft.

The football headband is more than just a game day accessory; it stands as a testament to kids’ creativity and ingenuity.

Engaging kids in such crafts can do wonders for their cognitive, and motor skill development.

Moreover, homemade crafts like these can lend an element of personal touch to the football fever sweeping through your home.

Coloring is known to hold many benefits for children.

It focuses on the children’s ability to concentrate, improves their motor skills, and boosts their creativity.

Every stroke of color they fill in strengthens their hand-eye coordination.

Cutting the shapes with scissors also aids in refining their fine motor skills, all the while fostering their creative expression.

While you prepare to cheer for your favorite team, let your kids show their spirit too, with their handcrafted football headbands!

Be it the anticipation of Super Bowl Sunday or the exhilaration of a local match, this DIY project functions as a fun-filled, educational activity that children can immerse themselves in during the football season.

Football headband for preschool

The Benefits of Playing Football for Kids

Football, often viewed merely as a form of entertainment, offers numerous benefits for children.

Physical Health

As a sport that requires a blend of speed, strength, coordination, and cardiovascular endurance, football acts as a great workout for kids. It helps maintain a healthy weight, builds muscle, and improves heart health.


Football involves coordination and cooperation among team members. This fosters teamwork attitudes in children, teaching them the value of working for a common goal.

Social Skills

Through practice sessions and football games, children learn to communicate more effectively, developing their social skills. They also make new friends, boosting their social interactions outside the playing field.

Discipline and Focus

Football requires commitment to stringent training schedules and a level of focus to understand and master the game tactics. This discipline can extend beyond the playing field and into other aspects of a child’s life.

Emotional well-being

Playing football can significantly impact a child’s mood and overall mental health. The physical activity helps release endorphins, the body’s natural mood elevators, leading to reduced stress and anxiety.

Let’s make football season more exciting and enjoyable for kids not just by encouraging them to play the sport, but also engaging them in fun crafts such as making a DIY football headband.

This way, we can combine the benefits of physical activities and the mental stimulation from crafting – a win for both parents and children alike.

Football Headband

DIY homemade football paper hat printable for kids

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Step by step instructions

Print the headband on white paper.

color the crown

Color it, if using the black and white template.

tape the paper hats

Tape the two side panels to the front piece.

Bend the headband into a circle. Wrap the band around the kid’s head to check for fit. Tape the ends together.

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