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Christmas Present Craft

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This simple Christmas present craft makes a great winter display bulletin board or a door décor. Brighten up the classroom or the hallway with colorful presents.

Christmas present craft for bulletin board

We made our present craft in the Christmas colors, but you can make it as colorful as you like.

If you are a teacher and planning to create a Gift of Learning Holiday Bulletin Board [Learning Is A Gift], you will find this craft useful and easy to use. Students can write their name or favorite school subject on the gift tags .

Christmas bulletin board ideas: Christmas present craft

These presents will not only make a wonderful display but they can also be sent home to parents as a holiday gift. You can replace the paper bow with a decorative bow, to make them look more festive.

Christmas present craft for door decor or bulletin board display

This Christmas present craft can be used in many ways. Besides the classroom as a décor or bulletin board, it can also be a family fun craft for everyone to enjoy during the holidays.

Who doesn’t love Christmas crafts, right? I have several great ideas for you, from these Christmas tree crafts to these Santa crafts.

But for now let’s make out Christmas present craft, shall we?

Christmas present craft for bulletin board

Easy Christmas present craft with name writing

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How to make the holiday gift craft

The Christmas present template comes with two template versions:

1. Option 1 : print directly on colored paper

2. Option 2: trace patterns on colored paper

This way you can easily craft with just one or two kids as well as with a classroom full of students.

Step by step instructions


Start by gluing the vertical stripe in the middle of the present.

Glue the horizontal stripe in the middle of the present.

Glue the bow, left and right tops, on top of the present.


Add the red circle in the middle of the bow.

bow on present

Write your name on the present tag center. Glue the present tag center in the middle of the tag.

name tag

Glue the present tag on one side of the present.

present craft for kids

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