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DIY Nativity Animal Paper Hats

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Nativity Headbands for Kids

These DIY nativity animal paper hats are a blend of festive craft and educational story-sharing, bringing the Nativity scene to life.

These coloring Christmas paper crowns serve more than just decorative purposes; they help teach kids the story Jesus’s birth.

DIY Nativity Animal Paper Hats : cow

As they craft and play, children absorb the bible story and will be able to retell them using their own words.

These DIY hats are a hit for school Christmas plays or cozy family craft time, making them versatile additions to your holiday activities lineup.

Why make these DIY nativity animal paper hats?

  • Educational Craft: Nativity paper hats are perfect for combining fun with educational storytelling.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for various Christmas events, from plays to parties.
  • Interactive Learning: Encourages kids to engage with the Christmas story in a hands-on fashion.
DIY Nativity Animal Paper Hats : camel

Nativity Learning and Play

You can transform a simple craft into a captivating educational experience with Nativity paper hats.

These four nativity animal hats (cow, sheep, donkey and camel) serve as a fantastic tool to engage children in the story of the Nativity.

Crafting and acting out the Nativity scene not only reinforce the story’s messages but also spark conversations about its cultural and historical significances.

This hands-on approach inspires children to explore and remember the Nativity in a manner that’s both enlightening and joyous.

DIY Nativity Animal Paper Hats : donkey

Christmas Sunday School Craft

Gearing up for the festive season in Sunday school just got a lot more creative and engaging with these delightful and easy nativity animal paper hats.

Picture your classroom bustling with little ones eagerly crafting their favorite barnyard friends from the nativity scene.

You have a choice of four adorable animal headbands—cow, donkey, sheep, and camel—each thoughtfully designed to spark joy and wonder.

What’s more, you can tailor this craft to different ages and preferences by offering two template options for each headband.

For children who love to add their personal artistic touch, black and white templates await their colorful imagination.

If time is short or you prefer a ready-to-go activity, pre-colored hats are at your disposal, allowing kids to dive straight into dress-up play.

The simplicity of this project makes it perfect for busy hands and inquisitive minds, turning your Sunday school into a vibrant hub of creativity and storytelling.

Hand out scissors, coloring supplies, and those charming hats, and watch as your classroom transforms into a charming reenactment of the nativity scene—fostering a deeper connection with the Christmas story.

More Nativity crafts and activities for kids:

DIY Nativity Animal Paper Hats : sheep

Nativity Coloring Activity

Coloring offers your little ones an exciting way to enhance their eye-hand coordination.

They’ll get to match their hand movements with what their eyes see, and it’s a fun challenge when filling in those Nativity paper hats with vibrant hues.

And when the coloring is done, they’ll switch to scissors to cut out their creations.

This part is great for building those fine motor skills, turning paper into wearable art.

So, not only do they soak up the festive spirit of the holidays, but they also fine-tune some pretty important developmental skills without even realizing it.

Nativity Paper Hat Printables

DIY Nativity Animal Paper Hats for kids to make on Christmas at Sunday school

You can get the Nativity animals paper hats bundle with all four headbands or you can get only the preferred animals.

Cow Paper Hat Printable

This cow hat printable comes with several template options – all adorable!

cow paper hat

Donkey Paper Hat Printable

With its cute smile, the donkey hat printable will be a hit in the classroom.

donkey paper hat

Sheep Paper Hat Printable

Like the rest of the animal crafts, this sheep hat printable comes with a pre-colored option and a black and white one.

sheep headband

Camel Paper Hat Printable

Who can resist this adorable camel hat printable?

camel crown

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