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New Year Crafts for Kids

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New Year’s Eve Crafting with Kids

A fantastic list of 20 New Year crafts for kids to make and celebrate the New Year’s Eve with their family.

Imagine the sparkle in your little one’s eyes as they add a sprinkle of glitter to a homemade party hat, or the pride they show when displaying their paper firework craft.

New Year’s crafting isn’t just about the colorful decorations; it’s a magical time for children to tap into their creativity and for families to strengthen their bond.

Crafting together allows kids to contribute to festive preparations, making the celebration even more special.

By involving the little ones in DIY New Year’s Eve activities, you nurture their imagination and provide a sense of accomplishment as they see their work become part of the family’s holiday display.

Whether you’re crafting a countdown with fun activities for each hour leading to the New Year, or simply choosing a few select projects like colorful bookmarks or kid-friendly decorations, these moments become cherished memories.

Diving into these crafts, children grasp not only the joy of creation but also invaluable lessons like following steps, problem-solving, and the patience it takes to see a project through to the end.

These activities become about more than just the final product; they’re about the stories you’ll tell and the laughter you’ll share along the way.

Why should you craft on the New Year’s Eve?

  • Spark Creativity: New Year’s crafts are a wonderful opportunity for kids to express their creativity and contribute to the family’s holiday festivities.
  • Strengthen Family Bonds: Crafting together as a family for New Year’s Eve helps in building lasting memories and strengthening the familial connection.
  • Educational Fun: Participating in New Year’s crafts is not only entertaining, but it also teaches kids valuable skills such as following instructions and problem-solving.

New Year Crafts for Kids

20 New Year crafts for kids

Get ready for a festive blast with 20 exciting New Year’s crafts perfect for kids and the whole family!

You don’t have to wait until midnight to start the celebration.

Why not turn the hours leading up to the New Year into a fun-filled craft countdown?

Every hour, you can dive into a new activity, making memories and decorations together.

These crafts range from dazzling paper fireworks to customizing your own party hats, stirring up some colorful slime, designing beautiful wands, creating fun pom pom poppers, reading with DIY bookmarks, and putting on festive homemade glasses.

Engage little hands and big imaginations with projects that delight kids of all ages, and trust me, you’ll find yourself caught up in the fun, too.

Whether your little ones are wide-eyed toddlers or creative pre-teens, these activities will add sparkle to your evening and make the wait until the New Year fly by.

New Year coloring decoration craft

New Year Decoration Craft

A simple coloring New Year’s Eve craft that you can turn into a beautiful decoration.

paper plate New Year crafts with free printable template

Paper plate New Year craft with 2024 UPDATED free template

All you need for this easy New Year craft is a paper plate, yarn, glue and the free printable that is updated for 2024. A great and easy sewing craft to help kids in so many ways, from hand eye coordination to practicing patience.

easy paper fireworks craft

Paper fireworks craft

With just paper scraps and decorative edge scissors, you can make an easy paper fireworks craft with preschoolers and older kids.

New Year crafts for kids: wands

New Year’s Eve wand craft

With five mix and match designs, this craft printable will be a hit with your kids. Besides, it requires very little prep, which makes it a great craft for parents to want to make with their kids.

New Year crafts for kids: paper hats

New Year coloring hats

There is something about a party hat that makes every festivity even more special and New Year’s Eve can’t be celebrated without party hats.

paper roll fireworks

Fireworks painting project

Learn how to paint fireworks with paper rolls, paint and some glitter. These fireworks are so easy to make and they look amazing!

fingerprint art project

Fingerprint New Year craft

A fingerprint craft is a fun and easy idea to make with kids as young as toddlers. Have each family member make their own fingerprint craft.

New Year smile

New Year slime

If your kids are into slime, you have to try this easy New year recipe. Slime making is so much more fun when adding in special elements for special occasion. This New Year slime has glitter and star confetti.

mixed media fireworks

Mixed media Ne Year’s Eve fireworks

Perfect for kids of all ages, this fireworks craft uses newspaper and sparkly glitter glue for a fun recycling craft idea that everybody will love.

cupcake liner fireworks

Cupcake liner fireworks

Make beautiful fireworks using colorful cupcake liners – with its simplicity, this craft is great for preschoolers to practice their scissors cutting skills.

paper plate New year craft

Rocking New Year paper plate craft

Get kids excited for the New Year with this simple rocking craft made with just a paper plate, paper and glitter. While a golden paper plate looks very festive for this special event, you can chose any other color.


New Year’s Eve wishing wands

Add a little bit of magic to your New Year with these colorful wishing wands made with scraps of construction paper of different colors.

pom pom popper

Pom pom shooters

You can use paper rolls or paper cups to make a pom pom launcher for each family member for when the clock strikes midnight.

coloring glasses

Funky glasses

Set up a photo booth and print all six design glasses for all your family members to choose from. Create unforgettable memories with these coloring glasses.

New Year window decoration

New Year’s craft for toddlers

Contact paper is your friend for window decorations. Easy and no mess, not to mention how beautiful this craft is!

diy New Year paper hats

New Year party hats

More party hats that kids can color and decorate with pom poms and ribbon. Choose your favorite design and get ready to party.

New Year crafts for kids: bubble wands

New Year’s Eve bubble wands

Bubbles aren’t only for summer! Instead of fireworks or noise makers, young kids will find bubble wand making a more appealing New Year’s Eve activity.

New Year crafts for kids: fireworks craft

Sparkler fireworks

Not only this firework craft looks amazing but it also come with a crackling noise- what fun!

New Year crafts for kids: bookmarks

New Year bookmarks

If your kids love reading, you know there is no such thing as having too many bookmarks. So why not create your own New Year’s Eve bookmarks for a more personal touch to your reading experience?

New year cards

New Year’s Eve party popper card

Make this New Year card for grandparents or friends – it’s easy to make and you can use the free printable.

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