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Paper Plate Reindeer Craft with Glowing Nose

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Are you looking for an easy Christmas craft to make with your kids? This paper plate reindeer craft idea isn’t only simple but also super cute. Turn it into a Christmas ornament or decoration.

Paper plate reindeer with glowing nose - an easy Christmas craft for kids #reindeer #Christmas

We love crafting with paper plates and as we’re planning on adding more reindeer to our collection of Christmas crafts, we thought a paper plate reindeer may be a fun idea to try. We even gave it an adorable glowing nose.

Like the rest of our  crafts for kids, this reindeer can be easily made by kids as young as preschoolers. Toddlers will need help with poking holes in the paper plate or putting the antlers together but they will love painting the paper plate and gluing the googly eyes. There is only one step that requires an adult: gluing the nose. To make the tealight candle stick really good to the paper plate, the adult needs to use hot glue. An alternative for older kids would be a low temp glue gun.

Paper plate reindeer Christmas craft for kids
Glowing nose reindeer craft

When I go to a craft store I try to stick to my list and not get tempted by all the cool seasonal or non-seasonal supplies I lay my eyes on. Yet, there are times when something catches my attention and I just have to grab it. It’s the case with these holiday flameless tealight candles. I saw them and immediately knew what I could use them for. Because of all our paper cup Halloween characters, when I see a flameless tealight I immediately think of glowing noses. And a red glitter tealight can only be Rudolph’s nose. This is how the paper plate reindeer craft idea came to life. Sometimes all it takes is a trip to a craft store.

Paper plate reindeer craft

Easy paper plate Christmas craft

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Easy reindeer craft for kids

How to make a paper plate reindeer craft

Start by painting the paper late brown. You can use a paint brush, a sponge paint brush, a cotton ball or your fingers. Wait for the paint to dry completely.

Reindeer antlers

Use a hole punch to make two holes at the top of the paper plate. Cut a brown pipe cleaner in half. Slide each half pipe cleaner through one of the two holes and secure the ends. Cut another pipe cleaner into smaller pieces and twist them around the half pipe cleaners to make the antlers.

Hole for the nose

Use a pencil to poke a hole in the middle of the paper plate.

Reindeer nose
Reindeer nose tealight candle

Glue the flameless tealight right on top, making sure that you can access the switch through the hole.

Reindeer eyes

Glue the big googly eyes on top of the nose.

Reindeer smile

Use a black marker to draw a mouth under the nose.

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