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40+ Jack’O’Lantern Crafts For Kids

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I may not be a big fan of carving pumpkins (I prefer instead to paint or decorate them) but I love a good pumpkin craft. So, I’m sharing today 43 Jack’O’Lantern crafts for kids to make this Halloween.

Jack'O'Lantern Crafts For Kids to make this Halloween. Use paper, paper plate, paper roll, paper bag, rocks, paper cups, mason jars and more to create fun pumpkins. #JackOLantern #Halloween

They are all incredibly creative and using a wide range of supplies. While the most favorite material is paper, you will also find ideas for rocks, terracotta pots, paper rolls, paper plates and more.

Most of them are easy crafts for kids as young as toddlers or preschoolers, but there are also some Jack’O’Lantern pumpkins that adults can make for their kids. Of course kids can give a helping hand and that’s the reason we included them in our list.

43 Jack’O’Lantern crafts for kids

Jack'O'Lantern crafts for kids

First take a look at the entire collection of Jack’O’Lantern crafts for kids, pick your favorite idea(s), click on the link to go to the tutorial, gather all the supplies and let’s get crafting.

Jack'O'Lantern crafts for kids 1

Paper cup Jack’O’Lantern – Give them flameless tea light candles for noses and they will make a great Halloween decoration.

Painted Jack’O’Lantern rocks – These may be the most amazing Jack’O’Lantern rocks I have ever seen.

Jack-O-Lantern paper pumpkins – Perfect for kids to practice their scissors cutting skills

Jack'O'Lantern crafts for kids 2

Handprint Halloween keepsake – Make it with store bought clay or use a salt dough recipe

Glittery Jack’O’Lantern mason jars – They make fun Halloween treat containers

Glowing Jack’O’Lantern Craft – Got some plastic cups? Put them to good use!

Jack'O'Lantern crafts for kids 3

Jack’O’Lantern paper plate wreath – A DIY Halloween wreath to make with your kids

Origami Jack’O’Lantern pumpkins – Are your kids into origami? My oldest is just starting an origami phase

Paper plate Jack’O’Lantern – What can be more fun than sponge painting a paper plate ?

Pumpkin playhouse – My kids would totally love for me to make them a cardboard theater where they could put on a show with Jack’O’Lantern puppets

Jack'O'Lantern crafts for kids 4

Halloween shadow suncatcher – Who doesn’t love coffee filter suncatchers?

Jack in the box paper toy – It comes with a free printable template

Pumpkin face lacing craft – What a fun Halloween themed activity for young kids

Jack'O'Lantern crafts for kids 5

Tin can Jack’O’Lantern craft – I’m all for recycling craft ideas.

Pumpkin salt painting craft – Make a watercolor Halloween decoration with glue and salt.

Straw Jack’O’Lantern  – a cutting practice craft great for preschoolers.

Paper bag Jack’O’Lantern – One of the easiest way to make a Jack’O’Lantern

Jack'O'Lantern crafts for kids 6

Paper Jack’O’Lantern – Make a few of these and turn them into a garland.

Felt Jack’O’Lantern – Kids can decorate the Jack’O’Lantern over and over again

Jack’O’Lantern beanbag toss – Children can help with the painting

Melted plastic cup Jack’O’Lantern – I would have never guessed this Jack’O’Lantern is made from a melted plastic cup.

Jack'O'Lantern crafts for kids 7

Pumpkin emotion craft – Learn about emotions with a paper plate Jack’O’Lantern

Paper Jack’O’Lantern – Print and decorate your pumpkin for Halloween

Positive negative space Jack’O’Lantern craft – A great project for discussing positive and negative space, as well as symmetry.

Jack'O'Lantern crafts for kids 8

Puffy paint pumpkin – Do you need a toddler Halloween craft? This is a great one.

Paper roll Jack’O’Lantern – We love a good paper roll craft

Halloween lanterns – Easy to make and beautiful as decoration

Jack’O’Lantern nighlight jars – Another version equally beautiful

Jack'O'Lantern crafts for kids 9

Terracotta pot Jack’O’Lantern – Make it as an inside or outside Halloween decoration

LEGO Jack’O’Lantern – Too cute not to try!

Jack’O’Lantern pencil holder – Make it by wrapping around a tin can

Changeable emotion Jack’O’Lantern – another great emotion craft

Jack'O'Lantern crafts for kids 10

Mosaic paper plate Jack’O’Lantern – Paper plates and tissue paper make a great combo.

Fluffy pumpkin slime – My boys haven’t gone through a slime phase but I know many kids who love it.

Jack’O’Lantern suncatcher – Brighten up your windows with these suncatchers.

Jack’O’Lantern magazine collage – What a fun way to recycle those magazines in your recycling bin.

Jack'O'Lantern crafts for kids 11

Paper plate Jack’O’Lantern – So many ways to make Jack’O’Lantern pumpkins with paper plates!

Jack’O’Lantern playdough – When my kids play with playdough I will most certainly join the fun

Sock Jack’O’Lantern – A little cute toy to make for your kids

Jack’O’Lantern’s hat – What hat will Jack’O’Lantern wear today?

Jack'O'Lantern crafts for kids 12

Paper weaving Jack’O’Lantern – With just paper, scissors and glue make this fun Jack’O’Lantern

Paper roll Jack’O’Lantern – Last recycled Jack’O’Lantern for today

Cutting Jack’O’Lantern craft – A cute pumpkin craft for busy little hands

Roll a Jack-O-Lantern – A fun Halloween game and craft

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